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Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) has launched Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation Centre (SMDTC) to democratise Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation.

It will create the foundation elements of the Manufacturing Execution System, IIoT Database and Manufacturing Intelligence Software platforms for Indian MSMEs, adopting Industry 4.0 practices to leapfrog toward World Class and Self-Reliant Manufacturing.

The Centre is being established in a joint partnership between Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Centre (AMTDC), a Centre of Excellence at IIT Madras, MESA International (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association), a global non-profit present in over 40 countries, and Cantier Systems, a leading provider of Next Generation Manufacturing Execution System for Industry 4.0

The Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation Centre was inaugurated on 13th July 2022 by Dr. N Chandrasekaran Chairman, Tata Sons, in the presence of Dr. Pawan Kumar Goenka, Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT Madras, Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras, Prof. N Ramesh Babu Secretary, AMTDC, Dr. Ananth Seshan, Vice-Chairman – MESA International, Mr. Prabakar Selvam, Chairman – MESA APAC & CEO – Cantier Systems, Mr. R Ravisankar, Chairman – MESA India SIG (South) & Executive Director, Cantier Systems and Mr. Alok Varshney Chairman and MESA India SIG (North).

Speaking about this Centre, Prof. N. Ramesh Babu, Faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras, and Secretary, AMTDC, IIT Madras, said, “SMDTC will lead in provisioning a Smart Manufacturing Model Factory / Experience Centre and also support Collaborative Research / Innovation for Industry 4.0 in Process Intelligence, Robotics and Machining Dynamics Control Automation.”

The Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation Centre will focus on

Ø  Smart Manufacturing Education & Community Interaction for Capacity Building.

Ø  Smart Manufacturing Maturity Assessment.

Ø  Smart Manufacturing Experience Center with Model Factory Facilities.

Ø  Collaborative Research & End-to-End Innovation for Smart Process Intelligence.

Ø  5G enablement to Democratise Smart Manufacturing adoption.

Ø   Smart Manufacturing Supply Chain Collaboration

Further, Mr. Prabakar Selvam, Chairman – MESA APAC & CEO – Cantier Systems, said, “Derived from the global experiences of MESA’s International members, the SMDTC will help in Smart Manufacturing Education and Maturity Assessment so that the Indian MSMEs can get access to the latest global implementation practices. Cantier will provide MES 4.0 platform to create the Smart Manufacturing Experience   Centre.”

With in-built capabilities like monitoring, alarming and visual dashboards for real-time predictive decision support, this partnership will create a unified platform for the next generation of smart manufacturing – unlocking the hidden value from Legacy Manufacturing Assets by contextually liberating relevant data from the shop floor equipment/devices and delivering exponential business value to the enterprise

The Plan and Benefits in the Immediate Term include Smart Manufacturing Maturity Assessment and Continuous Improvement, Workforce Development through High Impact vocational training programs on Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 and implementation experience sharing with case studies. 5G enablement to Democratise Smart Manufacturing adoption will also be taken up besides Virtual Smart Manufacturing Supply Chain Collaboration and providing students with engagements in hands-on implementation of Smart Manufacturing technologies.

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