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In an effort to establish a convergence between diverse facets of quantum information, the interdisciplinary research group on Quantum Information and Computation (QIC) of the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur is organising an International Conference on Quantum Information and Computation: From Foundations to Applications -2021 (QFA-2021) from 18th to 23rd October 2021. This conference is providing a platform to the national and international experts to knowledge transfer and shares their experiences in the field of Quantum Information and Computation.

Some of the key points being covered in this conference include:.

Ø For the first time in a conference, Academia-Industry wherein eminent speakers from academics and industry will discuss the roadmap to taking India forward in the direction of quantum technologies

Ø For the first time in a conference, Academia–Start-ups wherein the role of Start-ups in partnership with academia, within the framework of quantum technologies will be discussed

Ø The topics of discussions range from foundational issues to practical ones such as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) as well as new areas like Quantum Machine Learning (QML).

Highlighting the need of practical knowledge of Quantum Information and Computation, Prof. Subhashish Banerjee, FNASc, and Conference coordinator, IIT Jodhpur said, “This conference would be a stepping stone towards the realization of a roadmap of quantum technologies in India.”

National and International experts from the field of Quantum Information are actively participating in this conference. These include:

· Prof. Daiel Lidar (University of Sothern California, USA)

· Prof. Michael Hall (Australian National University)

· Prof. Karol Życzkowski (Jagiellonian University, Poland)

· Prof. Arom Harrow (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

· Prof. Guruprasad Kar (ISI Kolkata)

· Prof. P.K. Panigrahi (IISER Kolkata)

QFA-2021 will help in building a roadmap for quantum technologies in India. This will also address the need to foster research collaborations within India as well as abroad. With this conference, IIT Jodhpur is in the forefront of quantum technologies in India in collaboration with Academia, R&D and Industry.

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