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Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, one of the premier educational and research institutes across the nation, has broken into the top 50 institutes and secured 41st rank globally (56th in 2021) in the ‘Research Citations per Faculty’ category, of the QS World University rankings 2022 announced today, 8th June 2021. Along with this, the Institute has gained rank 395 in World University Ranking globally. This marks a huge improvement of 75 places by the IIT Guwahati, which was ranked 470 in the 2021 edition of the QS World University rankings.

The main reason for this increase is the strong improvement in the ‘Citations per Faculty’ category where IIT Guwahati has improved from 77.9 in the year 2021 (Global Rank 56) to 94.8 in 2022 (Global Rank 41).

Speaking on this occasion, Prof. T. G. Sitharam, Director, IIT Guwahati, said, “I congratulate the faculty, students and staff of IIT Guwahati for this remarkable growth in this performance which clearly shows that despite the pandemic, the institute has been working tirelessly to make such a global impact. The institute has improved in Research Citations per Faculty indicating the visibility of research activities of the institute as well as in the Academic Reputation as the major contributors in this increase”

Prof. Parameswar K. Iyer, Dean Public Relations, Branding and Ranking, IIT Guwahati, mentioned, “The ranking of IIT Guwahati has been improving consistently across International and National agencies due to the concerted efforts the institute has been making over the past several years. This has impacted on various aspects of institutional growth, including Internationalization, enhancing the reputation (perception), promoting research and technology transfers, which are now becoming visible and being recognized both nationally and globally.”

The QS World University rankings 2022 announced today were based on six metrics; Academic Reputation, Employers Reputation, Faculty Student ratio, Citation per Faculty, International Faculty and International Students.

IIT Guwahati has also been ranked in 12 different subject categories by the QS World University rankings announced earlier this year with a break into the 51-100 range in Petroleum Engineering. The subjects that IIT Guwahati finds mention are Engineering and Technology, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Petroleum Engineering and Environmental Studies (2021 onwards).

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