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IIIT-Delhi has introduced a minor in entrepreneurship in its B Tech curriculum with the intention of instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in students. This course is designed to equip students with the entrepreneurship competency, business acumen and entrepreneurial vision needed to become job creators.

The minor program will be available to B Tech students from the very first year of their program. This programme is spread over 2 years and consists of 24 credits (16 core credits, 4 credits for BTP and 4 credits for apprenticeship).

The program will focus on building an ability to propose, analyse and plan a venture through team-based projects and understand the challenges, gaps and opportunities and plan effective solutions. The students will also learn about proper business ethics, basics of financial and legal planning, raising fund, and sustainability for both the business and the environment.

The approval of this program through the Senate and Board shows the commitment for IIITD towards entrepreneurship as an academic program. The goal is to make certain that when the student completes the minor, he/she shall have an incredible idea or should have already incubated a start-up.

Talking about the program, Prof. Ranjan Bose, Director IIIT-Delhi said “Entrepreneurial thinking is a mindset which goes beyond just starting a business venture.  It deals with developing life-skills, such as, identifying unique opportunities and selling one’s ideas to people in other domains.  We are excited to launch this new Minor in Entrepreneurship at IIIT-D which will provide a transformational hands-on experience to our students.  It will broaden our students’ mindset, help them transform disruptive ideas into realization, develop entrepreneurial competency and hone their business acumen.  This innovative program draws its strength from an immersive learning environment, real-life scenarios and regular interactions with mentors.  This is also in line with the 3rd mission of Higher Education Institutes, which is, strengthening the innovation ecosystem leading to entrepreneurship.”

During the press conference organised at IIIT-Delhi, Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaragauru, Professor of Computer Science presented the bases and goals of the programs. He also added that “I am very glad to help set up this entrepreneurship minor for our students; in the process of setting this minor, we were able to create other platforms as well for our students to discuss and showcase their skills. We have a few ventures started by our students and our alumni are doing well already, and we hope this minor will enable our students to do more. The goal of this minor is not only startup creation, but to evolve students to have entrepreneurial thinking! I would like to thank Prof. Tavpretish Sethi, and Mr. Anupam Saronwala, both our faculties for their efforts in developing the minor.”

The program will be starting from summer 2020 year and students from all semesters shall be able to opt for it.

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