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Attempting to break a Guinness World Record is no small feat. Kanika Agarwal, an Interior Architecture and Design student at IIAD, put on display 2,500 handmade paper dolls at the IIAD campus. If selected, she will have broken the current record of most number of quilled dolls on display and will have her name in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records.

Kanika has been working on her display for over a year since she first came across the Gunniess’s ‘Largest Display of Handmade Paper Dolls’ World Record in 2019. In order to challenge the current record of 2,111 dolls, Kanika has quilled 2,500 dolls. While it was an exciting journey, Kanika claims that it required a great deal of effort and patience. She thanks her professors for not only helping her with the intricate details such as which paper type to use for her project but also providing her with motivation, guidance and support throughout the process. ‘If you want to do something crazy, just go for it, believe in yourself and start working!’ Kanika says.

Dr Jitin Chadha, the director of IIAD, applauded her effort and perseverance, saying “the hard work, effort and thought that has gone into conceptualising and executing this is clearly visible and we are proud of our student”.

IIAD is a contemporary design institute situated in New Delhi that offers courses in Fashion Design, Communication Design, Interior Architecture and Design and Fashion Business Management in collaboration with Kingston University, London ranked as the number one design school in the UK.

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