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{igebra.ai}, a US-based ed-tech startup, offering math++ programs for kids, in collaboration with Meru International School, conducted a series of storytelling competitions at 6 apartment communities in Hyderabad. The events were held on 27th and 28th of November, 2021, at some of the most high-profile complexes in the city, including Honor Vivantis, Aparna CyberZon,  Aparna Cyberlife,  Aparna Sarovar,  Aparna Grande, and Aparna Cyber Commune.

Hundreds of kids participated in the events, unleashing their passion for storytelling by drawing upon their creative thoughts and vibrant imagination. The participants were divided into 4 groups according to the grades they were studying in, and were given a variety of innovative topics to work on:

  • Group 1: Kids in the 1st and 2nd grade were asked to narrate a creative story using numbers and shapes.
  • Group 2: Kids in grades 3 to 5 had to imagine and create a new avenger superhero, and narrate their story.
  • Group 3: Kids in grades 6 to 8 were tasked with using their imagination and creativity to put together a story on “My First Day on Mars”
  • Group 4: Kids in grades 9 to 12 were asked to create a story about the future with Artificial Intelligence present everywhere in the world

The idea behind the event was to inspire kids to think freely and make new discoveries, build connections, and engage with their learnings in real life, through a fun and interactive activity. By helping them tap into their imagination, {igebra.ai} wanted to promote risk-free learning, develop their communication skills, and empower them to confidently share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas through verbal expression. Storytelling being one of the most powerful communication skills for individuals, the exercise was designed to encourage kids to dream and learn at the same time, while leveraging their learnings to achieve impressive feats.

Each of the kids came up with an exhilaratingly unique story that they narrated excitedly, making it a really tough job to pick a winner and runner up from each group. While each contestant was presented with a participation certificate, the winners were awarded a scholarship certificate along with a bunch of exciting goodies.

{igebra.ai} Directors Venkat Muramalla and Chiranjeevi Maddala led the inception and execution of the unique event, thanking Meru International School and the apartment communities for their partnership.

Srini Vemula, Founder & CEO at {igebra.ai}, said, “The event was a great success as we reached our goal to inspire kids and enhance their creativity in a highly engaging manner. The feedback we received from them was extremely inspiring, and helps us aim even higher, with plans to conduct many more such events in the days to come. Through these activities, we hope to help raise a breed of smart and intelligent kids who are ready to capture the future with their confidence and creativity.”

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