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IDP, a global leader in international education services and proud co-owner of IELTS, hosted a Round Table conference to share with media about the new expansion policy and upcoming developments for IELTS post IDP acquiring British Council’s IELTS business in India.

The virtual Round Table was led by IDP’s South Asia Regional Director, Mr Piyush Kumar, where he introduced everyone to the organisation’s policies and infrastructure management to take care of IELTS operations on a large scale. This was highly appreciated and received positive and encouraging feedback from all the stakeholders, including candidates, referral partners and IELTS global partners.

While answering queries about the IDP’s exam strategy, Mr Piyush Kumar said, “Our core exam strategy is to bring a safe, secure and comfortable test environment and facilities to our candidates. In facilitating so, we are already present in over 74 locations for paper-based IELTS and in 21 locations (with 36 test centres) for computer-delivered IELTS, and more will be opened soon so that candidates don’t have to worry about travel, safety, or anything other than getting a good score in the exam.”

He added, “The team is working on building an IELTS ecosystem, comprising of new projects including IELTS progress check that will help candidates to prepare better and score higher in their IELTS”.

IDP takes pride in seamlessly conducting the IELTS exam across India and giving candidates the option of both paper-based (PB) or computer-delivered (CD) exams, depending on their convenience and preference. While sharing the insights about IDP’s expansion and near-future business plan regarding IELTS, Mr. Kumar ensured the security and increase in frequency of the test. IDP is already holding PB test four times a month and CD test all around the month for smoother handling of the increased test demand.

In terms of its referral partners, IDP received heartening feedback for its commitment and advancing end-to-end organisational and operational support extended to help them rebuild their businesses. IDP has been working closely with its referral partners to assist them further in taking their businesses to newer heights. For instance, IDP introduced the ‘Train the Trainer’ program to train the faculties of referral partners, organise masterclasses for referral partners’ candidates (online/offline) on request, conducts on-demand seminars for them. Moreover, IDP team supervises all the practice test/pre-test/reality test for candidates, organized by referral partners. IDP affirms the partners’ strict data security policy, which helps them keep their clients’ privacy intact.

IELTS is administered and overseen by the global partnership of Cambridge University, British Council, and IDP Education. In India, IDP is now the sole distributor of IELTS. India continues to be a competitive market in English language testing, and IDP continues to work with its Indian referral partners to provide the highest level of service to test takers.

IDP has always been and will continue to be, driven by a goal to deliver exceptional services for its customers and help more people fulfil their global dreams. Due to its perpetual efforts to provide quality service, the country is witnessing a booming demand for IELTS tests among all segments.

IELTS is one of the most accepted English language proficiency tests in the country, recognised by over 11,000 organisations in more than 140 nations worldwide. It is designed by some of the leading English language assessment experts across the globe. Its authenticity speaks for itself as it is the only test considered during visa proposals by most English-speaking countries worldwide, including Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK. IDP ascertains to keep intact the global standards of IELTS exam service in India and expand its offerings innovatively, customised towards candidates and referral partners to better their exam experience and service performance, respectively.

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