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The surge in COVID-19 cases has forced the ministry to cancel Class 10 CBSE examinations and postpone Class 12 examinations. Now, class 10 students and their parents are worried, as they are unaware of evaluation criteria to get promoted to Class 11. Many of them feel that their pre-board score might not be enough to find a place in the merit list of pre-university college for the 2021-22 academic year. The decision by the central government has also invited mixed reactions from academicians and industry leaders. Here are some quick reactions to CBSE Board Exams cancellation/Postpone announcement from the prominent education leaders across the country.


Sangeeta Hajela, Principal, DPS Indirapuram

“In view of the Covid cases increasing exponentially, we appreciate the decision to cancel the Class 10th Board examinations. Class 10th Board exams are not the school-leaving examinations marking the transition to higher learning institutions; the result of 10th Board helps students and teachers assess the stream choice and the subject allocation.

In such a time when the pandemic has reached its peak, it is better to calculate their result on the basis of internal assessments and overall performance. The focus should be now to address the learning gap that has already occurred. However, Class 12th Board examinations have a different kind of sanctity attached to them, because all higher studies opportunities and career choices, both in India and abroad, depend on it. So, postponing the class 12th exams and not cancelling them is a good decision.”

Pallavi Upadhyaya, Principal, DPS-RNE Ghaziabad

“Cancelling off-line examination is indeed a great move as there is an alarming increase in  Covid cases. But it is not a complete cancellation. The board is planning to design a new objective criterion to assess the students of class X. The pattern should be shared as quickly as possible with the schools to enable the teachers to get the students ready for the same. I welcome the decision taken by the government.”

Rajat Goel, Director, MRG School, Rohini

“Considering the current scenario, where we do not have enough online provisions throughout the country, it is a practical move. Having said that, in the entire year of the pandemic, we have not been able to develop our country to provide education to students all over the country. Had we been prepared for it, we could have made online provisions for the same. Its unfortunate that the students have put in so much effort throughout the year to achieve their desired result in board examination for nothing but in the current situation, health comes first for all. We should fight corona together and get vaccinated as soon.”

Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Advisor cum Working President, Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya Sangathan, Govt of Odisha (Rank of Minister of State) and Founder Mentor, Sai International Education Group

“It is a good decision by the Government to cancel the CBSE Class X Board Examinations 2021, keeping in mind the best interests of the students and ensuring that their health is taken care of at the same time their academic interests are not harmed. It is a great relief for lakhs of students who would have appeared in the exams during the pandemic. We will be waiting for the objective criterion to be developed by the Board for preparing the results of Class X.

But yes, for Class XII, June will not be a conducive month for holding exams as the students would be looking forward to their other competitive and career examinations such as NEET, BITSAT, CLAT, JEE Advanced and other both India and Abroad University applications. I am looking forward to a decision which will be helpful for the students.

An early declaration of revised schedule will reduce the stress and anxiety of both students and parents, as this decision has left the students in a lot of dilemma and anxiety as to how to plan their way forward.”

Vivek Jain, Chief Business Officer, Shiksha.com

“Postponement of the board exam for Class 12th and cancellation of the board exam for class 10 is the need of the hour considering the rapid surge in Covid cases across the country.  Preparing the result of Class 10 board on the basis of objective criterion developed by the Board and providing an opportunity for unsatisfied students to sit for an exam as and when the conditions are conducive to hold the exams is a very thoughtful decision by the Education Ministry in this critical situation. We believe Education Ministry has taken the decision considering both the safety and future of the students.”

Prajodh Rajan, Co-Founder & Group CEO, EuroKids International

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire nation since March 2020. As the current examination cycle is upon us, and the second wave of COVID-19 is impacting more people and children across the country than before, the recent decision of the CBSE Board authorities to cancel Class 10th examinations and postpone Class 12th examinations is a welcome step in alleviating students’ and parents’ concerns about offline examinations. At EuroKids International, we will adhere to the CBSE Board’s decision on the ‘objective criterion’ for the Class 10th students, and await to hear from the Board on the dates for the Class 12th students. While today’s announcement offers much relief, the Class 12th students remain on tenderhooks as to when their year will close. This postponement of their examinations will impact college admissions for the coming year, as the exam, paper checking and results announcements remain open.”

Nitin Vijay, MD – Motion Education Pvt Ltd, VP – Byju’s JEE NEET Division

“In times of crisis, options come over choices, and whatever minimises the risks should be embraced unanimously. Today, the country is going through a difficult time due to the sudden upsurge in Covid-19 cases along with high fatalities. Amid these grim circumstances, none can put the lives of youngsters at stake. So, the decision of cancelling Class 10 exams and extending Class 12 exams to new dates is indeed for the greater good, not only for students but to the country a large. Students shouldn’t get disheartened and must not feel that their hard work went in vain. What is cultivated today will be harvested tomorrow and the future will come with innumerable opportunities if the present is safe. However, Class 10 and 12 students should invest this time very smartly to take competitive exams in the coming months.”

Vaibhav Singh, Co-Founder, Leap

“The delayed Board results will lead to a potentially crunched timeline for students planning to pursue UG courses abroad. The impact should be less for US aspirants since most US colleges have a fairly holistic approach in admissions with a relatively lower weight on just the Board results. However, for countries like the UK and Australia, Board results are a more important input. These countries though offer conditional admits which get confirmed once the Board results are shared. The delay in the results this year would mean the time window between admission confirmation and course commencement in these countries will be shorter; students are therefore advised to keep everything else, visa documentation, financing, etc. ready, so that they can act quickly once confirmation is received. Indian students are important community members on global college campuses, so I expect colleges to be fully supportive through more relaxed requirements/ timelines to ensure bright Indian students can enroll with them this Fall.

The delayed Board results will obviously have no impact on students moving abroad for Masters / Postgraduate programs. These form the lion-share of Indian students studying abroad and hence overall expect the study abroad market to have a very strong year given the pent-up demand from 2020.”


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