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Study abroad EdTech platform The WorldGrad has announced the plans to hire 100+ employees in 2021 as it gears up for expansion into the US. This is a rapid expansion move from 40 employees to almost 200 in a financial year (FY22). The hiring is important at a time when the platform is onboarding more countries, colleges, universities, and higher education institutes. This builds upon the 300+ pool of highly qualified teaching staff that the platform relies upon to deliver its online feeder programs for overseas universities.

The EdTech industry is already on an expansion spree owing to the large-scale digital transformation of the education sector. This announcement comes at a time when people are looking out for avenues and segments to branch out to. The new hires at The WorldGrad would include overseas admission counselors, instructional designers-curriculum designers, content developers, and academic staff.

Abhinav Mital, Founder of The WorldGrad

Speaking about the hiring need, Abhinav Mital, Founder of The WorldGrad, said “We have to gear up for the admission cycle for 2021 and 2022, as it is different on a platform like ours, which has more admission cycles for students. Also, with changes in 12th results announcement and criteria, the shift towards studying abroad has increased. Students do not want to waste a semester or a year waiting for the pandemic to subside and their academic year to start abroad. We are rapidly adding new countries, courses, colleges and universities on our platform, we have to support this with right talent acquisition at the right time.”

The WorldGrad has seed capital of $1M from the LINC Education, which it is using to fuel the growth in India. The platform remains focused on quality of its delivery, with a core focus on learning and development of the team. It has its own network of teaching staff that is trained on the LINCTrac, an AI driven teacher’s assistance tool which assesses and monitors progress of a study abroad student and the teacher, giving insights into development areas for both.

Currently, The WorldGrad offers online entry programs to more than 100+ undergraduate and postgraduate degrees across the globe to which students can progress for on-campus completion. It currently caters to Indians and has some traction from Nepal.

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