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Flinders University is ready to welcome a new cohort of eager and fearless learners for the year ahead, with 6570 offers so far extended to undergraduate and postgraduate students for 2022.

Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students) Professor Deborah West says quality education and high-level skills are the key to unlocking potential, and school leavers can see that a Flinders degree is a passport to success.

“In 2021 Flinders University topped the nation as Australia’s #1 university for postgraduate employment, with 97% getting jobs upon completing their degree, and our undergraduate students rated Flinders as above the national average on every measure in the most recent student experience survey.

“Prospective students recognise that Flinders is focused on their success, delivers an exceptional learning experience and equips them with a degree that get them places,” Professor West says.

“We have made 5558 undergraduate offers and 1012 postgraduate offers for 2022, to date.

“We are pleased so many are choosing Flinders University to fearlessly pursue their ambitions and we congratulate all those who have received a Flinders offer. I look forward to welcoming our new students to campus next year.”

Further offers will be made in the January offer rounds, when trends for Flinders, and the wider sector, will become available.

Professor West says Flinders is offering a number of new courses in 2022 in education and engineering – and they’re proving popular, with 505 offers already made.

Flinders’ top ten undergraduate courses by demand are Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine, Paramedic Science, Nursing, Primary Education, Midwifery, Psychology, Medical Science (Vision Science)/M Optometry, Medical Science, Social Work, and Creative Arts (Visual Effects and Entertainment Design).

“The continuing strong demand for health and related courses reflects the growing focus on the value of healthy communities. The pandemic has increased the demand for qualified health professionals and our students can look forward to strong job opportunities in their fields upon graduation,” Professor West says.

Flinders’ top 10 courses by ATAR cut-off are Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) (Honours), Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours)/Master of Engineering (Mechanical), Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours)/Master of Engineering (Biomedical), Science (Honours) Enhanced Program for High Achievers,  Laws (Honours), Midwifery (Pre-registration), Engineering (Robotics) (Honours)/Master of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic), Engineering (Biomedical) (Honours)/Master of Engineering (Biomedical), Health Sciences/Master of Physiotherapy and Arts (Enhanced program for High Achievers)

In addition, Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine ATARs of applicants would be greater than 99.65 – those courses are offered on a UCAT/Year 12 study performance selection rank.

Flinders’ top 10 postgraduate courses by demand are M Speech Pathology, M Social Work (grad entry), B Midwifery (RN entry) (Ext), B Nursing (grad entry), M Physiotherapy, M Nutrition and Dietetics, M Audiology, GC Positive Behaviour, GC Palliative Care, and M Occupational Therapy.

“Flinders continues to be a destination of choice for students with the potential and passion to succeed at university. For those students who may not have achieved their desired ATAR we offer a range of entry pathways and for those who may not have landed their first preference we provide other options such as staring in one degree and transferring to their degree of choice later,” Professor West says.

Professor West says it’s an exciting time to be commencing studies at Flinders.

“South Australia has navigated the pandemic well, international students are poised to return to campus, and we’re optimistic about the outlook. Our Flinders Village development has commenced with construction underway of its landmark Health and Medical Research Building, which will be operating by this time this group of students reaches their third year of study. And our new vertical campus at Festival Square in the city will be open for business then too. There’s a real sense of momentum and we’re delighted to have so many new students joining us as we go from strength to strength,” Professor West says.

ATAR cut offs greater than 95 – December offer round

244231Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) (Honours)99.95
244571Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours)/Master of Engineering (Mechanical)99.60
224871Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours)/Master of Engineering (Biomedical)99.55
214721Bachelor of Science (Honours) Enhanced Program for High Achievers99.55
244251Bachelor of Laws (Honours)98.15
214431Bachelor of Midwifery (Pre-registration)98.05
244451Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics) (Honours)/Master of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic)97.90
224861Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical) (Honours)/Master of Engineering (Biomedical)97.50
224081Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Physiotherapy97.45
224561Bachelor of Arts Enhanced Program for High Achievers97.10
224321Bachelor of Paramedic Science97.10
244121Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Honours)97.00
214381Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics96.85
244401Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental) (Honours)96.70
224641Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Honours)96.70
234941Bachelor of Criminology (Honours)96.15
224071Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Occupational Therapy95.40
214931Bachelor of Medical Science (Vision Science)/Master of Optometry95.00

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