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Once again the students of Greenwood High have brought laurels to the school in IB Diploma exam 2022. Three students – Vineet Kulkarni, Virochan Pandit & Yash Bharadwaj have scored perfect 45 points and four students – Malavika Garimella, Mugilan Ganesan, Siddharth Sundararajan & Nikitha Vasudevan have scored 44 points. In total, 26 students have scored 40 and above and 44 students scored 36 and above.

While Vineet Kulkarni would be pursuing his undergraduate studies at Georgia Institute of Technology, Virochan Pandit would be joining Johns Hopkins University and Yash Bharadwaj will be studying at Colby University.

Commenting on the achievement, Vineet Kulkarni said, The first thing I felt when I realized I got a 45 was shock. Sure, I had gotten this score before in some internals but this was my first written board exam ever and I was nervous. I’ve had a good long run at Greenwood High ever since the fifth grade. I’ve had amazing teachers that led me along the way and supportive parents that inculcated the importance of performing well academically from the very beginning. I did my best in these exams, but was willing to settle for less. But I’m thrilled I actually ended up with a perfect score in the end! I’m going to Georgia Institute of Technology for my undergrad in the US, and I hope to further my knowledge and passion of computer science and contribute to the scientific community to make the world a better place.”

“I am elated at having scored 45 in the IBDP examinations. I attribute this success to continuous hard work, effective time-management, and the ability to remain stress-free in demanding conditions. Of course, this achievement would not have been possible without the support of my teachers at Greenwood High, our Principal Mr. Aloysius D’Mello, and our IB coordinator Mr. Nishant Nagavar, said, Yash Bharadwaj who now aims to pursue Physics at Colby College in the United States.

“From the moment I joined Greenwood High in 8th grade, I was encouraged by teachers and staff to reach my academic goals. This support, coupled with my effort and determination, helped me to achieve a score of 45 in the IB diploma exams. Due to the guidance of the Principal, Vice-Principal, and counselling team, I was able to secure admission to Johns Hopkins University where I will be pursuing a combination of mathematics and political science,” said Virochan Pandit.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School said “We are extremely proud of the distinguished performance exhibited by our students who will now go to leading Universities across the globe to pursue their dreams. The effort and dedication put in by our students and teachers even during the challenging times of Covid-19 have indeed paid off. The results reinforce our commitment to create and nurture the best talents who will make a difference globally with their contribution. We cannot wait to see them shine as citizens of the world, equipped with the values of their alma mater and we wish them luck.”

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