Editorial Team

Online education pioneer Grantham University recently entered into an educational partnership with Coding Temple. Founded in 2014, Coding Temple prepares students for the most in-demand programming jobs through accelerated software development education. The partnership will provide a number of educational benefits to Coding Temple employees and their family members.

Under the agreement, Coding Temple employees and their spouses can benefit from: reduced tuition for Grantham’s more than 50 undergraduate- and graduate-level degree and certificate programs; a complimentary Prior Learning Assessment and professional development session; and career opportunities hosted through the Grantham University Career Launch program.

“Through this partnership, Coding Temple employees can pursue an education in a variety of areas—everything from business to leadership to even something a little different, like criminal justice,” said George Colon, Grantham University’s director of university outreach. “Grantham can provide these employees opportunities to excel in their current line of work, and beyond.”

This new partnership is one of more than 50 similar programs in which Grantham has engaged. Those agreements have been formed with various corporations, associations, colleges and community organizations in the region, as well as across the nation. “Grantham’s online convenience is ideal for Coding Temple employees, as well as all working professionals who want to pursue a higher education but need a more flexible scheduling option,” said Colon. “We also offer live tutoring and dedicated support to help ensure their success through graduation and beyond.”

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