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Globus Infocom, an edtech solution provider company has launched Interactive pad for schools. With Globus Interactive Pad, a person can control the Interactive Board from anywhere within the classroom. Its wireless, cord-free operation equips the teacher with the freedom to interact with students while writing on the whiteboard. It comes with a wireless USB receiver which can communicate with your Globus Interactive Board from a range of 15 metres. So, when the teacher is giving lessons, he/she can focus on every student, even on those who are sitting in the last row. Even the students can solve a problem in a collaborative manner.

Designed with international quality standards and premium built, Globus Interactive Pad adds to the aesthetic value of the classroom. Also, it’s rugged and durable enough to operate glitch-free even during heavy classroom use. Due to its compact size and thinner panel, it fits easily in your hand and is convenient to carry around in the class.

Easy to use Plug & Play feature

Globus education solutions come with easy to use Plug & Play feature. This makes our products convenient for classroom use. They are ready-to-use right out of the box. Globus Interactive Pad just needs to be wirelessly connected to your Interactive Board and it’s good to go. It can be used from a distance range of up to 15 metres from the Interactive Board.

Lifelike pen and paper feel

Globus Interactive Pad is as easy as using pen and paper. With its quick touch response and high sensitivity, one can get the lifelike feel and accurate handwriting while writing on Globus Pad. It comes with an accuracy of up to 0.05 inch, which is meticulous enough to mimic your handwriting. With the help of its battery-free stylus, you can write, draw and annotate on Globus Interactive Pad.

Rugged and durable for heavy classroom use

Globus Interactive Pad is built with international quality standards. Its rugged body is sturdy enough to bear moderate to heavy classroom use. It is also compact to be carried around the classroom easily. The long-lasting Li-Ion based battery gives a backup of up to 14 hours with a single charge.

Key Features of Globus Interactive Pad

  • Globus Interactive Pad provides a writing surface of 9 inches (diagonally).
  • It can be operated within a distance range of 15 metres from the Globus Interactive Board.
  • Globus Interactive Pad is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It is compatible with drawing software like Photoshop, Paint, Clip Studio, etc, making it a perfect fit for designing class.
  • It comes with six touch-sensitive hotkeys for commonly used functions.
  • Globus Interactive Pad is user-friendly, eco-friendly and power-efficient.
  • It can work in conjunction with Interactive Board, Panel and Laptop/PC.

Areas of Application

Globus Interactive Pads can be used in conjunction with Interactive Board and Flat Panel Display in smart classrooms, meetings, conference rooms, seminars, etc.

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