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Globus Infocom, A Make in India company has recently introduced new Digital Board Solutions for colleges and schools. It is an all-inclusive, contemporary solution for educational institutes to conduct classroom lessons, training sessions and lectures by deploying digital tools like Interactive Whiteboard, Digital Content, Document Camera, Internet, etc. Our Digital Board is a unique combination of traditional and contemporary to preserve the conventional pedagogical methods while introducing the modern means of learning in education.

It facilitates a blend of modern and traditional in teaching methods. This not only increases engagement in a classroom but also helps students to understand the concept more deeply and clearly. The entire solution is laced with features like Interactive Suite, Multi-Touch Display, Inbuilt Whiteboard, Digital Content (Optional), Document Camera, Inbuilt PC, etc to equip teachers with modern tools to conduct a classroom in an enriching manner.

Key Features

1. It is a Sleek & Smart Solution to add extra appeal in your presentations & enhance the surrounding aesthetics.

2. The Ultra HD Interactive Display supports the presenter with added collaboration and extra productivity.

3. The display enables Multi Touch Functioning to allow more people to work together. It also has Inbuilt Interactive White Board with features like annotate, write, edit, save, erase, highlight, email, print, record etc. to empower the presenter with best of the tools. The attached Biometric Attendance System helps the classroom to register attendance & prevent proxies. Such features not only empower the teacher/presenter with advanced learning practices but also enables them to bring out the best of the classroom session.


Globus Visualizer is a high definition document camera which is houses inside the Digital Teaching Device. With the help of its high resolution and powerful optical zoom, it can capture real-time images of a document, map, 3D object, book, etc and display it on the Interactive Board. With its multiple annotation features, you can also annotate on the real-time images without altering the original document.

Globus Digital Board Solution is one of the best solution provided by us in India. Being a Make in India brand, we have installed our solutions in many educational establishments like schools, colleges and higher education institutes. With our impeccable sales and service network, we have established ourselves as one of the leading EdTech Make in India brands for innovative smart classroom, online learning solutions in India.

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