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GETI, India’s premier training institute for in-service, pre-service teachers and education leaders will be launching exemplary teacher training program in September first week. The program is available for enrollment of all teachers, principals and schools across India. The comprehensive training program will be part of the everyday classroom practice in online or blended environments with the students.

The interactive program aims to transform the teacher training program in the country through the effective use of technology. Moving forward to the new normal, schools are opting for virtual education. With opportunities comes challenges and to tackle the roadblocks, GETI is providing a platform for schools and individual teachers to lead a transformative agenda in their schools. A better performing and progressive school is increasingly viewed as a pioneer in education, and a pedagogical leader.

Dr Sunita Gandhi, Founder, GETI

Commenting on the launch, Dr Sunita Gandhi, Founder, GETI said, “With the pandemic extending for so long, the government has realized the importance of virtual education. However, the major focus has been shifted on providing online platforms for students. Virtual education is a powerful mechanism that allows a different possibility for learning. There is a huge void in teacher training in India, with very few players for a country as large as ours, and hardly any at the national level. The foundation of teaching has to be robust and well-build to meet the evolving needs of the education system. ”

She further adds, “With our exemplary teacher training program, we aim to help teachers develop their professional thinking and practice, and enhance the quality of their teaching and learning. Reflective practice is enriched by critical engagement with new ideas and approaches. We invite your school communities and teachers across India to transform education by transforming practice.”

The Exemplary Teacher Training Program includes innovative methods of assessing and supporting individual student success, training in advanced methods of teaching and learning, personalized support for implementation success, portfolio development, technical skills etc. The teachers are also trained in new yet innovative apps and platforms for teaching and assessments. The foundation of the program is conceptualized after analyzing the education systems of various interactional countries. The course structure is divided into 3 phases of learning to teach effectively. The program is curated considering the findings of renowned critics and great thinkers on education. The training comprises online training sessions of 3 hours each on Saturdays for a period of 18 months, till March 2021.

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