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Primary students from Global Indian International School, Whitefield in Bangalore connected virtually with their peers from GIIS, Abu Dhabi campus under its reputed Global Connect Series, which brings GIIS students together under a unique interaction which encourages knowledge exchange and cultural awareness.

This was the third such initiative of virtual exchange under the Connect Series – and the first by the two campuses which saw the participation of fifty students from both campuses.

The students discussed topics, such as capital, language, important places, cuisine, and festivals. This was followed by a dance, quiz, and presentation on UAE -Dubai & Abu Dhabi capitals, dances, cuisine etc., by the GIIS Abu Dhabi students. The entire event was performed under the guidance of the teachers who worked for a week with students to make this a success.

Thirty five pre-primary students from Bangalore and fifteen from Abu Dhabi participated in the initiative with the help of their teachers and parents. Students had started preparing four weeks in advance, while teachers from both the campuses connected them through practice sessions. Students introduced themselves to their peers in Abu Dhabi, and interacted with them in a friendly way. They were guided on their presentation and choreographed dance sequences representing different countries.

The event aimed to teach students about countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Japan and others.

Student exchange has been a continuous practice at GIIS for over 10 years. The school believes that global exposure to learning and collaboration from such a young age will help the students build stronger relationships and foundation for the future.

Speaking about the GMP Global connect series, Mr Rajiv Bansal, Director-Operations, Global Indian International School (GIIS), India, said, “ We aim to provide a global platform for our students to thrive and grow. The GMP Global connect programme is a part of our larger vision, wherein we want our students to interact with their international counterparts and besides learning from their peers, gain confidence to face people from different countries and ethnicity. Our students from Bangalore (Whitefield) and Abu Dhabi campus connected and exchanged knowledge about the countries and their culture. This programme has also received much appreciation from the parents’ community.”

The series is being organized as a part of a year-long celebration for GSF’s ongoing 20 glorious years of providing quality education. As part of the Global Connect Series, GIIS has earlier hosted collaborative real-time science projects between Noida, Bangalore & Singapore campuses for senior students, Chess competition for students in grades 1-8 of which around 300 students from 30 schools across Delhi-NCR participated.

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