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Get Set Parent, an enterprise that works in Early Childhood Learning & Development and Parenting, is celebrating Parents Day through a host of activities throughout the entire month of July. Using the approaches of informed parenting, scientific learning development methods, kid’s learning, and entertainment Get Set Parent is the first company that caters to the need of parents through its activity stores and social media channels. The organisation will partner with the SoS village to sponsor the children who have lost their parents due to COVID-19. Get Set Parent will raise money through their activities, and the amount raised would be donated to the SOS village for helping children.

Dr Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Founder of Get Set Parent will conduct a free four-day workshop with four different topics on parenting. The four-day workshop will be held from 21st July to 24th July at 6:00 pm. The following issues will be discussed on the respective days, on 21st July “how to bring out the best in your child without Over Parenting” would be discussed, on 22nd July, “how to be a cool, calm and connected parent”, on 23rd July “how to inculcate the most crucial habit in children- Reading” will be discussed, and on 24th July, “how to raise children with a growth mindset” would be talked about. The free four-day workshop will be held on Zoom, and the participants will be awarded Parenting Skill Certification. GSP has received more than 1100+ registration within twenty-four hours of activating the registration link.

Celebrating the spirit of Parents Day, Dr Pallavi will call upon parenting experts, professionals and doctors to talk about myths in parenting. Addressing the occasion at hand Dr Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi said, “With the change in time we need evolved approaches towards parenthood. I will conduct all the sessions of the four day workshop to prepare the parents for the changing times and its demands. At the same time, we’re aware of the damage that the pandemic has caused and we’ve all lost our loved ones. Therefore in association with SoS village, we want to touch those lives who have lost their parents due to the contagion. The entire month is about celebrating parenthood with various activities and events. I cordially invite all the parents to be a part of this festivity and celebrate one another.”

Get Set Parent has grown its roots exceptionally well, which is evident from its various wings – Brainy Bear Pre-School & Activity Clubs, Brainy Bear Publications, Get Set Parent Social Media Handles (Youtube, Instagram and Facebook) & The Brainy Bear Store – a one-stop-shop for the learning needs of children between the ages of 0 and 6. The Brainy Bear Store was launched with an array of unique products, namely Brainy Bear Sensory Stimulation Box, Brainy Bear Writing Readiness Box, Peek-a-boo Bags, Festival Jigsaw Puzzles, Art and Craft Kits of Indian Art forms etc among others. The Brainy Bear activity kits are also available on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. The comprehensive objective of the organisation is to educate the primary caregivers about the latest parenting styles and provide learning tips that they could use with their children. Through the social media channels, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, Dr Pallavi plays a friendly parenting coach for new parents and prepares them for a better tomorrow. Get Set Parent with Pallavi’s social media presence and engagement has crossed over 200K followers. The platform has been offering unique solutions for the concerns of both parents and children, which caters to the high demand for an informed parenting space in India.

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