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India’s first self-discovery and career lifecycle management platform, GenLeap, came in support of India’s largest creative fest, “Lynkube Creative Fest,” led by Lynkube for school students. The festival concluded on a high note yesterday with massive participation of 5000 students from all over India for three days.

The three-day event celebrated creativity to nurture the unique talents of every participating student. GenLeap, which believes that a structured and guided approach focusing on leveraging inherent creativity in addition to education is the way forward for career management, joined hands with the Lynkube platform to encourage participants to explore their distinctive potentials. The fest came as a welcome stress buster for students cooped inside due to the pandemic impact. It was a refreshing opportunity for participants to spotlight the inherent talent they possess.

Various eminent personalities graced the occasion, including Mr. Shikhar Malhotra, Vice Chairman & CEO, HCL Healthcare President Shiv Nadar Trust, Ms. Gul Panag, Actor, Ms. Priya Rajwade, Principal – Poddar International School, Powai – Mumbai, Mr. Sachin Sandhir, Founder & CEO – GenLeap Ecosystem, Ms. Sharmila Chand, Senior Journalist & Editor, and Ms.Bulbul Sharma, Author & Artist.

During the festival, Sachin Sandhir, Founder & CEO GenLeap, emphasized the importance of creativity not just in the formative years of a child but also for adults at their workplaces and in life. He mentioned that creativity is considered the third most important skill by the World Economic Forum after problem-solving and critical thinking. He spoke about how creativity fosters confidence, the ability to express, solve problems, innovate, find solutions, appreciate work of others, collaborate, work in a team, and deal with stress. All of these are critical skills that are required to be successful in the modern-day workplace.

He further stressed how GenLeap is committed to helping children and professionals develop the best version of themselves through a process of self-discovery, upskilling, and employability and saw this fest and the GenLeap Ecosystem as a platform to discover their innate talent, skills, and foster creativity.

Commenting on their participation Mr. Nimish Gupta, Founder & CEO GenLeap, said, “Students are under tremendous pressure to outperform others. But education alone cannot guarantee success unless it is blended well with a person’s own unique skills. Our responsibility is to guide these youngsters to find their groove for expeditious career growth and development; only the right fit can lead an individual to success and happiness. GenLeap is committed to helping individuals build competencies, and this fest was a right fit to spread awareness about the importance of exploring one’s strengths beyond the scope of the rat race”.

Namr Kishore, Founder & Managing Director, Lynkube said, The Lynkube creative fest was more than just a fest. It was a conscious effort to bring out the submerged talent in every participating child. It was an opportunity for joyful learning and free expression”.

Participants got opportunities under various categories ranging from technology, theatre, art, music, debate, video-making, cooking, and speakership to explore their talent. Multiple workshops, guest sessions, shows, and competitions filled this power-packed extravaganza, where sessions were conducted by more than 100 Indian and International experts from varied fields.

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