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Globsyn Business School Online (GBS Online) – a global platform of digital learning is donating all proceeds from purchases of course till June 30, 2020, to a fund for PM Cares. Powered by Globsyn Business School (GBS), GBS Online is a unique e-learning portal with highly engaging courses to learn about vital management business and IT concepts. Since the initial phase of the Nation-wide lockdown, GBS Online had made its courses available at a token cost of Rs. 1, so that students can be productive and further their education during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. These courses are also available on AICTE’s National Educational Alliance for Technology initiated ELIS portal.

Rahul Dasgupta, Director, GBS said, “We are now enabling over 30,000 minds through GBS Online. With 6 PG courses on offer, what makes this achievement more worthy is the fact that at a time when ‘self-isolation’ has become essential for survival; we, at GBS Online, have made sure that learning never stops by helping learners, across 35 States and Union Territories of India, be productive on our dynamic e-learning platform. However, for us, the journey has still just begun. And there are milestones to cover. We hope this small donation, from the learners to our heroes, helps in re-building our Nation from the debris of a post-COVID-19 landscape.”

GBS Online aims at creating a community of like-minded learners around the world, who are able to gain access to online learning resources and complete coursework at their own time while completing assignments of international standards. The courses presently offered through GBS Online covers a wide gamut of subjects like Digital Marketing (30 hours), Industry 4.0 (36 hours), Performance Management & Competency Mapping (60 hours), Financial Markets & Investments (60 hours) and Product & Brand Management (60 hours), culminating in a staggering 300+ hours of dynamic and pertinent coursework. With new courses getting added every month, GBS Online intends to connect students all over the world through a globally networked, corporate savvy, research-driven online management education platform.

Debopama Basu, who has just received her certificate after successfully completing a course on Digital Marketing said, “My thirst for exploring the Digital Marketing domain brought me to GBS Online. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of study materials and course curriculum of their Digital Marketing course! The assignments were quite useful, and I was more than satisfied with the overall knowledge gain & browsing experience. This course helped me in gaining a perspective about what Digital Marketing is all about and I will certainly recommend this course to others!”

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