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Aware that the curve of the COVID pandemic is not flattening out soon, FORE School of Management has commenced online classes for PGDM, PGDM-IB, and PGDM-FM Term 4, and PGPX Term-3.

The Covid-19 pandemic led us to re-imagine the possibilities in the education space because the epidemic sparked fears of a global recession in the education industry. In the midst of this chaos, FORE shifted and adopted newer modes of learning by using technology to the fullest extent.

This shift to online learning has reinvigorated the education sector by eliminating outdated techniques that needed revamping. E-education has advanced the concept of continuous learning and opened a plethora of opportunities for students.

To develop in the present and prospective managers strategic skills, FORE School of Management is trying to bring the education system back to normal. Given the current restrictions and safety considerations, for now classes are planned in online mode. Staff and faculty at FORE undertook detailed planning and evaluated multiple options to make online learning as user friendly as possible.

During the last three days approx. 40 sessions were conducted and attendance was between 95% to 100%. Feedback was taken from faculty and students so that actions to improve the system could be taken and the best possible learning experience could be provided to students.

By restoring education to its normal track, FORE School of Management demonstrates that it understands the crisis and can transform it into an opportunity. By doing so, it is inculcating in young leaders the skills they will need to manage disruptive and abrupt situations effectively and efficiently. By understanding how FORE is using technology to continue teaching during the pandemic, students will become capable of better managing their businesses mission and vision through a strategic framework. Apart from this, the institute is taking proper care of safety and getting the sanitisation done in the entire institute.

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