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In a bid to counter the dreaded Covid-19 strain and control the spread of the disease, the Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) Labs at IIIT Delhi has developed a Smart Automated Hand Sanitizer Machine. The machine drops a fixed (controlled) amount of sanitizer after the presence of hands. It waits for some fixed time before the next shot, in case the user needs more amount. This mechanism avoids the excessive waste of sanitizer., making it extremely safe for use in the current pandemic.

The machine has provisions to offer dual-mode operation (either AC or DC power supply), the level indicator, low sanitizer level alarm, temperature sensing, data logging etc. The device has been thoroughly tested for its effectiveness and has been installed at the entry gates of the campus. It has significantly reduced the risk of infection entering the campus and has guaranteed the safety of students as well as the staff to a great extent.

The Automatic Hand Sanitizer Machine has the following features which make it a viable sanitization solution:

  • Smart operation with controlled sanitizer flow
  • Multi-fire (trigger) setting for the sanitizer
  • It ensures optimum utilization of sanitizer and prevents any wastage.
  • The machine is lightweight and portable, meaning that it can be mounted on walls or placed on tabletops.
  • It requires very low power for operation and can, therefore, operate for prolonged periods.
  • Its manufacturing cost is quite low which makes it widely affordable.
  • It is electrically robust.
  • It can store up to 5 litres of sanitizer at full capacity, which can be extended based on the requirements.
  • It is battery-operable too

The first version of the device (prototype version) was released on the 9th Convocation Ceremony of the institution, whereas the second and more robust version is in operation for past 5 months without any failure and has been placed at Gate No. 1 of the institute.

Proper sanitization has been the first line of defence against the dreaded infection and perhaps the most effective way to avoid falling victim to the terror of Covid-19. As a research and innovation-based institute, IIIT Delhi has been contributing to the fight against the pandemic ever since it struck our shores. Besides this current innovation of the Automatic Hand Sanitizer Machine, the students and faculty of IIIT Delhi also developed the WashKaro app to provide all Covid-19 related updates to the people. The institute also contributed to drug research by thoroughly exploring the domain of drug repositioning.

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