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Children are used to their safe spaces, places where they can go out and interact with others of their age groups, something that has not been happening since the lockdown began. They are learning to keep up with the new learning methods and getting used to the ‘new normal’.

Having said this, caregivers and educators have responded in stride, and have been instrumental in finding new ways to keep children learning by developing online and offline learning materials, including for physical exercise, to help improve children’s physical strength, health and mental wellbeing during the school closures.

In these unprecedented times, virtual classrooms are not to transact curriculum but to exhibit care and build an effective relationship with the students. Additionally, rhythm, routines and rituals are providing the necessary cognitive comfort to growing brains. However, there are growing concerns that this in this format children may not be receiving in-depth education and are spending a little too long in front of the computer or mobile phone screen, questioning how much of a good thing is actually good.

In the above context, FICCI Alliance for Re-imagining Education is organising a webinar on ‘Good Screen Time vs Bad Screen Time’ on Saturday, 4th July 2020 at 4:30 pm. Panellists include experts in the field of neuroscience psychology, medicine and cybersecurity. The discussions would revolve around national and global perspectives on online learning for schools and would bring to the fore the best practices and safeguards that are necessary for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing of kids during the virtual mode of learning. For registration please write to [email protected] or log onto our website https://ficciarise.org/

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