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Greenwood High International School students and Parents accompanied by yoga enthusiasts across the world, rolled out their yoga mats to celebrate International Yoga Day at its campus today. Since this day was close to Fathers Day, parents were also invited along with their children to take part in the Father’s Day celebrations. Around 250 parents & students took part in this event and joined the celebrations with great enthusiasm. The Yoga sessions were conducted by Master Anshu & Team of Akshar Yoga Research & Development Center.

The vision behind the event was to make yoga popular among both the younger and older generation and promote it as a family practice. The occasion was clubbed with Father’s Day to celebrate the sacrifices of all Fathers and to salute their commitment & dedication to their families. A token of appreciation was also given to the top three father-child duo in line with the school’s motto ‘Return to Nature’.

“Given the hectic lifestyle we all lead, we can’t seem to find time to practice yoga. In such a context, it was highly appropriate for the school to organise such an event. It also gave me an opportunity to perform yoga in the company of my child in the Campus and we were both excited to spend time together in a healthy way. This initiative from the school is highly commendable.” said one of the parents of Greenwood High who was part of the celebrations.

A student of Greenwood High who participated in the yoga event said: “While we do practice yoga every day, today’s yoga day was very special. Our parents also joined us and it was quite fun to do yoga with them. I thank the school for organising such a productive event and making it a wholesome effort from which we can learn a lot about leading a healthy life.”

“We have been following the practice of Yoga in our school curriculum for a few years now and it assumes equal importance as other subjects. We would like to take yoga to all students and parents and make it a universal practice. We also wish to enhance the bonding between parents and their children and what better way to do this than to celebrate Yoga Day together. We thank all the parents who participated in the event and made it a grand success,” said Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School.

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