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India’s leading Event IP Company, Event Capital initiative The Edutainment Show announced its 8th edition online. Edutainment Show Live is a media and design education exhibition started from the 11th June and will go on till 20th June. The show is a platform to connect young budding and aspiring students yearly with experts from the design and media domain. This year, the live offerings guide students at the comfort of their homes.

Talking about design and design thinking for successful creative careers and fashion designing as a career, some well-known personalities from the industry shared their point of view.

Multiple avenues in design: cross-disciplinary electives

Nandita Abraham, President, Pearl Academy says, “There are four pillars that are really important. The first is Beyond the Curriculum, that’s where new learning, liberal education all that comes to. You can be a product designer and do entrepreneurship, you can be a fashion designer and do users experience, so cross-disciplinary electives are there.”

User is the epicentre of the design process

Dr. Sibaram Khara, Vice-Chancellor Sharda University, says, “Design thinking may start subsequently on understanding that – operating conditions and the issues at the user level, and bringing the solutions to anything is very important. So, design thinking is making a very user-friendly and human-centred process.”

Standout/Creating an identity in design

Talking about his design school, Raghavendra Rathore, Lifestyle Designer, and Educationist say, “So if we have let’s say tomorrow, a product line of 25 products selling on Amazon, called Gurukul as a brand. I see the uniqueness already set in so you have to differentiate. And that’s the first lesson we also encourage students to learn is to differentiate yourself so you don’t look like just a statistic in a group, but you’ve seen as who you are, which is one of the unique offerings. So I think the word Gurukul separates you from the universe of schools.”

Talking about Indian consumers being culture-driven, Raghavendra Rathore, Lifestyle Designer and Educationist says, “You know, the cultural infusion which is to say most international brands only have one store in India, you see the paradox that. Why does Tom Ford have one store? Why is it that foreign brands cannot percolate marketing? The answer lies in that our culture is very different.”

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