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Every entrepreneur wants to create a company that is successful and beloved by consumers in the long term. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs are often fiercely independent and self-reliant; however, entrepreneurship is a bumpy voyage, not everyone can sail through seamlessly without a true guide. Connecting with mentors, acknowledging the advice that can shape their careers and implementing them in their entrepreneurial journey can change the whole game.

Here are the guru mantras of successful entrepreneurs that have stuck with them and helped them in their entrepreneurial journey:

Vinay Kothari, Founder of Go Desi, homegrown packaged food brand inspired by Indian flavours shares “What I learnt from my teachers or gurus (some of whom I have known personally, others only through books, podcasts) is perseverance. How keeping at it is one of the single most important factors towards success in whatever you are passionate about. This is one thing that I have figured as a key requisite to success in the entrepreneurial journey as well

Mr. Sandeep Wirkhare, MD & CEO, ISFC (Indian School Finance Company) says, “There have been 2 gurus in my life whose lessons have been significant in my entrepreneurial journey. First, my uncle (Mr Bonde) from whom I learned nothing is impossible and always aim to make yourself redundant by creating efficient team members. Second, my chemistry teacher in graduation (Mr V P Singh) from whom I learned to continuously innovate, unlearn the irrelevant and be passionate in whatever we do.”

Roma Priya, Founder, Burgeon Law shares, “One of the most important ways that an entrepreneur can stay on track is by staying consistent and organised. Most entrepreneurs have hustled through failures and uncertainty in their journey to reach the stage of success. Success isn’t always about greatness, it is about hard work, consistency and the ability to foresee the future and plan in advance.

Zahara Kanchwalla is the Co-Founder & CEO of Rite Knowledge Labs shares, In today’s world, I believe the ability to learn and improve oneself is an ongoing process. And anybody who crosses your path, from a fresher to a demanding customer to a great competitor, everybody teaches you something in this journey. Everything will not be perfect in life and business – continuously adjusting your sail to the winds for good and bad weather is key to your progress.”

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