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An engineering graduate from Durg town in Chhattisgarh, Dolly Vaishnav, went from not knowing about ‘IIT’ to bagging the role of Software Development Engineer (SDE) at Ola, one of the country’s pioneering technology players. Her journey is a testament to how upskilling can be a boon for someone determined to make the best of their circumstances and chase their aspirations with dedication.

Born into a humble family and with limited resources, Dolly came across several challenges. Despite being a good student, there was a lack of opportunities available or even knowledge about further education where she grew up and studied. She only learned about IIT and how to apply to the same when she was already in the 12th standard and decided to drop a year to prepare for the engineering entrance exams.

She migrated from Chhattisgarh to Kota after her 12th standard despite the financial constraint and the social pressure of getting married to prepare for entrance exams to top engineering colleges. Unfortunately for her, due to a severe deterioration in her health, she could not appear for competitive exams and had to continue her studies with the limited options available in her home town. She completed her bachelor’s degree from a local college in the city and secured a job at a small Hyderabad-based start-up.

But her dreams of learning and experiencing the environment of a top-class education institution had not dulled, so she decided to prepare for Masters. She worked hard and eventually qualified for admission to prestigious universities in the UK, including The University of Manchester and The University of Glasgow. Unfortunately, luck was not on her side. With the sudden onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, she could not secure loans to pursue the postgraduate program. The pandemic further worsened her financial standing, as she had to take a pay cut at her job, and the family business also saw a slump due to the pandemic restrictions across the country.

Despite the overwhelming circumstance, Dolly didn’t lose heart and decided to upskill herself to secure better opportunities as a software engineer. She joined Scaler Academy, started the course with determination, worked hard, and finally secured her dream job with Ola in Bangalore with a promising salary package that allows her to take care of her family’s financial needs.

“Initially, I tried to learn skills independently and started combing through various online platforms. But I realised that something was missing. I sorely missed a systematic learning path and a detailed curriculum, which led me to join Scaler Academy. Scaler gave me the much-needed momentum and helped me meet the right peers and mentors who helped me grow as a professional. I solved problems daily, maintained streaks, and got the right opportunities because of the program. My experience with Scaler helped me pursue Software Development Engineer roles in some of the best companies, and finally, I made it to OLA. I am thrilled to be here and grateful to Scaler for all the help.” says Dolly.

Scaler, a leading ed-tech start-up for upskilling students and working professionals, works to mentor budding tech talent and help them achieve their career dreams. Scaler equips students with industry-ready skills and coaches them on how best to approach the interview process at leading tech companies. The company believes that there is no shortage of tech talent in the country. The gap in demand for engineers and their supply is merely a mismatch of skill expectations. Intending to remedy this, Scaler works with industry leaders and subject experts to provide the potential workforce with future-ready skills so that they can hit the ground running when hired into the technology industry.

Speaking on Dolly’s success, Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder, Scaler and InterviewBit, said, “While our country has no dearth of talent, a persistent challenge industries face is the skill gap. Even as our engineers secure the required educational qualifications, they seem to lack critical thinking ability and problem-solving skills, which the industry demands. Therefore it is vital that individuals, particularly in the rapidly-evolving tech field, keep upskilling themselves continuously to stay relevant and employable. We are proud of our alumni and the heights they have achieved. It is our endeavour to mentor and guide more such deserving talent towards achieving their career goals and ultimately, giving back to the community.”

There are many such inspiring stories of learners who dream of making it big in their careers and do not wish to settle for less, where upskilling platforms act as facilitators to help them realise these aspirations.

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