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Embassy Services Private Ltd. (ESPL) has partnered with the Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT) to donate recording studio equipment and fit-outs that will be used to provide much needed learning opportunities for Government School students during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. With schools unable to completely open due to the rising positive cases of the virus, ESPL aimed to supplement the existing online teaching programs and teacher development undertaken by the Department of Education by offering a permanent solution.

The recording studio was inaugurated in the presence of the Honourable Shri S. Suresh Kumar, Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Labour & Sakala.

With students dependent on Government Schools for their education, safety, health and nutrition, the Department of Education has set-up various online channels such as Makkala Vaani to ensure students don’t lose touch with their schooling. ESPL’s contribution will ensure infrastructure is in place to support the 41 lakh students in Karnataka.

At the cost of 16.89 lakh, they donated a digital camera, a video streaming studio, a CG creator, an LED HD TV, a tripod camera, lights, a green backdrop, microphones, headphones, an audio mixer, audio monitors, an audio distribution amplifier, and audio and video cables.

Sri S. Suresh Kumar, Minister for Primary & Secondary Education, said, “The safety and health of our students is the utmost priority – we are extremely thankful to Embassy for their support in continuing our students’ education without interruption during this difficult time by providing much-needed recording equipment. In addition, we will be able to utilise it to assist in teacher training and development. We appreciate Embassy’s partnership with the Department of Education, which has only strengthened over the years.”

Speaking on the initiative, Sri M.R. Maruthi, Director of DSERT, said, “We are extremely grateful for this partnership with Embassy, which ensures no child will be left behind during this challenging period. This studio will be used to record vital educational content for students, safeguarding against losing a generation of learners due to Covid-19. As schools remain partially closed, such initiatives by Corporates to join hands with the Government is truly meaningful – we hope this acts as an inspiration to other corporates.”

Pradeep Lala, Managing Director & CEO, ESPL, “At ESPL, we believe that education empowers the next generation. We have been working in Government Schools since 2012 and are very grateful to play a role in ensuring that the infrastructure is in place for students to continue their schooling. We encourage other corporates to join us in protecting the academic futures of Government School students and assist with facilitating this crucial shift to these new ways of learning.”

The employees of DSERT also received face shields and temperature guns, donated by ESPL.

Embassy has recently renewed their Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Karnataka, Department of Education for the all-around improvement of Government Schools in Bangalore. The scope of the MoU is to provide educational resources, infrastructural support and a holistic health programs for 20 Government Schools at a budget of Rs. 15 Crores.

During Covid-19 pandemic, Embassy has instituted a series of relief initiatives for their adopted Government Schools.

  • Embassy and its partners have completed the distribution of health kits (which included a set of re-usable masks and hygiene products) to nearly 30,000 Government School students across India.
  • Awareness initiatives were undertaken, which emphasize tips to combat the spread of Covid-19 and encourage healthy habits.
  • Throughout the pandemic, they distributed over 3.77 meals through dry rations for Government School students and their families.
  • Embassy also supported the Department of Education with the procurement of sanitizers for the 9.2 lakh students, invigilators and evaluators at the 2020 SSLC examinations.
  • Embassy has provided 39,820 face shields for all 4,724 high schools across Karnataka. Through its collaboration with Swiss Re Global, 2,174 schools received temperature monitors.
  • Before students returned to their schools, they conducted deep cleaning and sanitization of their adopted Government Schools throughout the month of December.

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