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Educational Initiatives (EI), India’s leading EdTech company is commencing its 19th batch of ASSET Digital Learning Programme (ADLP) from August 24th, 2020 to September 04th, 2020. This two- week exclusive online programme is for academically gifted students from Grade 5 – 9 to ensure that there is continuity in learning, during the lockdown. ADLP will help students to take charge of their own learning and help them in creating habits to achieve excellence.

This programme is designed by renowned instructors and scholars with an objective to give gifted students a platform to deep dive into the concepts that are not covered in the school curriculum. ADLP will address diverse thinking abilities in mathematical, computational, inclusivity, scientific, historical and design through courses like python programming, investigating the world around us, scientific thinking, etc.

Students who have scored top percentile in ASSET Talent Search (ATS) assessment are eligible to register and attend this programme.

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