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Educator’s first ed-tech startup OrangeSlates & All India Educators Forum, hosted their first Learn Fest on January 8. The all-day event saw impressive turnout with 27,000 participants from India and across borders. While the maximum participation came from India, educators from Oman, Kuwait & UAE joined in for some interesting sessions and key takeaways for educators in this changing education landscape.

The theme, ‘Seamless Learning Experiences,’ was the most relevant choice as educators have experienced massive change and a complete shift from physical classroom setups to online teaching as the pandemic hit. From the 10 power-packed sessions around pedagogy and Implementation of NEP in the Classroom, the sessions on ‘National Education Policy,’ ‘Strategies to help learners how to learn’ & ‘The Pedagogy of Learning’ enjoyed the highest numbers of participants from the educators.

Every participant at The Learn Fest also received a Digital Goodie Bag worth ₹15,000 & received about 1000 learning minutes throughout the day.

Pradeep Pillai, CEO & Co-Founder – OrangeSlates, said, “Educators have undergone a complete change from teaching in classrooms to managing online classes with limited training and resources to use in the online teaching pattern. While educators responded greatly to the change and have taken measures to adapt to this change quickly, they have also suffered disruption in personal growth and have to re-look ways at upskilling in their careers. The Learn Fest was curated with the sole aim to provide our educators with easy to access all-day virtual sessions to upgrade and upskill in their careers.”

Sakina Bootwala, a teacher who participated in the Learn Fest, shares, “The Learn Fest was an incredible journey to learn, re-learn and unlearn. All of the sessions were remarkable, high quality, and wonderfully curated exclusively for the teacher fraternity and community. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the changing methods and now look forward to more such meaningful and resourceful events for educators.”

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