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Underlining personal and professional challenges faced by women at workplaces, Campus 365–a prominent edtech company has rolled out WE-‘Women Express’ policy to provide a safe, secure, open and conducive work environment. With this, the company seeks to encourage its women employees to come out and express their concerns directly to the top management without any hesitation. After this, they will be able to raise their concerns with Saumyaa Agarwal, Marketing Head of Campus 365, who will address the concerned issues of female employees and will initiate appropriate disciplinary action to resolve the situation.

Notably, gender bias is a very common yet serious issue faced by female workers in most workplaces. Owing to factors like lack of equal opportunities and platforms as compared to others, women employees feel more discouraged, disengaged, and left out, leading to their poor performances. Realising this, the WE-Women Express policy perfectly addresses the challenge, and lets them express or discuss their issues freely. Staying committed to the objective of making workplaces safe and inclusive for women, Campus 365 firmly believes that the new policy will greatly support them to overcome barriers and challenges they face regularly.  The policy is specificallyand uniquely designed to provide a platform to raise concerns, listen to their issues, and identify the best possible solutions to address them

Commenting on this, Saumyaa Agarwal, Marketing Head of Campus 365, said,” Any type of employee concern, we believe, should be resolved quickly and fairly. It is important to work out our problems and to return to amicable and productive workplace relationships as soon as possible. We have come up with WE- Women-Express, an exclusive policy for all our women employees to hear them out and help them in the best possible way.  After successfully rolling out the program, we have successfully sorted out issues faced by some of the women employees. It has helped them in expressing concerns openly while enabling us to clear out the differences on time and return to a productive workplace again.”

As women employees face myriad challenges ranging from the responsibility for their children and families, health concerns, financial and social issues, and gender bias, the policy follows a holistic approach to strengthen their position at the workplace by providing a level playing ground and empowering them. It focuses on key areas such as mental health, work-life imbalance, sexual harassment, gender pay gap, lack of equal opportunities, staff conflicts, women security, racial discrimination and prejudices and other critical factors for the all-around betterment of women in workplaces.

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