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Teachmint, education infrastructure startup and the creator of India’s largest teaching platform, today announced the launch of its teaching platform in 25 countries across South-East Asia and the Middle East in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia among others. With this, Teachmint aims to empower educators across all these countries to become future-ready powered by Teachmint’s proprietary, mobile-first classroom technology. This also makes Teachmint the only Indian education-SaaS company to expand internationally at this scale.

Available on both Google Play Store and App Store, Teachmint’s teaching platform has also been localized in languages like Arabic, Thai, Indonesian Bahasa and Vietnamese to better meet the needs of educators in the region, with more languages to follow soon. The platform has witnessed significant adoption so far from over 100,000 users in just a few weeks. The company plans to exponentially increase this in the next few months with the rollout of several classroom features which further boost digital and hybrid learning infrastructure.

Commenting on this development, Mihir Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder, Teachmint said, “Since inception, we have been solving a universal problem statement in education with our innovation in teaching-learning infrastructure. Expanding to international markets has been a natural extension for our product. We have been receiving a lot of inbound requests from teachers and other stakeholders in these geographies, and it delights me to share that we are now ready to revolutionize their teaching journey.”

Teachmint has also witnessed an increasing trend of cross-border tutoring, and their international expansion offers this opportunity to 1+ million Teachmint teachers in India by enabling them to expand their student base to international markets and vice versa for teachers of other geographies.

“The significance of mobile as a more affordable form of technology for millions of children is potentially changing the face of education. Over the past year, a majority of our teachers in India have expanded their classrooms to at least some students outside of their immediate city. With our international expansion, we are thrilled to open up newer possibilities and enable teachers to create truly global classrooms,” added Mihir.

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