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Delhi Public School, RNE, Ghaziabad has recently been felicitated with the International Dimension In Schools (IDS) Certificate for the period 2020-23. The certificate has been accredited by the British Council for school’s efforts to embed international aspect in their curriculum. The award was formerly known as the International School Awards.

The efforts of DPS RNE, Ghaziabad in conducting activities throughout the year on 7 different projects under the action plan approved by British Council resulted in developing deep learning skills such as research, collaboration and decision making skills of the students. The activities planned were multi-dimensional and were connected to the school curriculum.

The seven projects- Between the Covers (literary event), Sound of Music (musical event), Symphony of Rocks and Rubbles (historical event), Hind-e-Deutsch (exchange program), Dead as a Dodo (about endangered and extinct animals) Disaster Management, Ancient Games and Sports in Modern Times (sports) were planned in collaboration with countries like Vietnam, Palestine, Germany, Lebanon etc. The activities comprised research on international authors, paper presentation, learning games, workshops, drills, comparative analysis, skits, debate workshops, and dramas for students from Classes 1 to 11. The most highlighted activities were, students interacting with Palestinian students via virtual meetings and conducting a cooking workshop together, interacting with Lebanese students and conducting a fitness session with Yoga and Gymnastics display. Inter School Band competition, paper craft competition on Dinosaurs, first aid and safety drill by expert team of doctors. Visit to Science Museum was also planned for students for experiential learning.

Ms. Pallavi Upadhyaya, Principal, DPS RNE Ghaziabad, said, “The international exposure has helped us in developing the capacities of school students as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. Flawless execution of such international programmes is only possible with the cooperation of all the stakeholders which include our wonderful parents too. This year has commenced on a very positive note and we hope and pray that the year will only unfold happy occurrences.”

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