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The District Institute of Education and Training organized a webinar on “We are together – Youth and Environment” . Founder of the green movement “Smiling Tree” and environmentalist, Dr. Mukesh Kwatra was the key speaker at the webinar.Dr.Alok Tiwari inaugurated the webinar by briefly discussing the subject ‘Youth and Environment’. The webinar was attended by Dr Anamika Singh, DrJP Singh, Dr Sudha Sherawat, Dr Reena, Dr Anamika Rohilla and a host of other Delhi educationists along with 300 students.

Dr.Kwatra in his note emphasized that youth power is omnipresent and has the ability to bring about a massive change. ‘The younger generation are the torch bearers to a sustainable future’,he said. Besides, he also enlightened the students of the various career opportunities in the field of Environmental studies.

He also gave a brief insight into the different kinds of plants, their medicinal values, how to segregate waste, how to make compost and emphasized the need of a compulsory Environment Class in schools and colleges. Just akin to the Philippines where one can’t graduate until one plants 10 trees. He was critical of global warming as just recently many people lost their lives due to excessive heat in Canada. He mentioned the pledge by PM Modi in the UN Summit to reduce the temperature and how India is moving towards it. Youth also need to contribute to the effort. We can start from our house by not wasting electricity and water and try to reduce the carbon footprint.

He further motivated the students by speaking about young environmentalists Greta Thunberg, Alex Lin, Cole Rosenberger, Licypriya Kangujam, Ridhima Pandey, Purnima Devi Burman or ‘Hargila Baido’. He inspired the students by the fascinating deeds of the young environmentalists.

In the end, Dr Mukesh Kwatra also invited students and faculty members to participate in a Plantation Drive and learn about different methods of planting trees and reducing plastic waste and carbon footprint. He requested the principal of DIET Dr Anamika Singh to grant permission for the above drive, which she happily agreed upon.

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