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In today’s day and age, care and sustainability for the environment is often overlooked by the younger generation, leading to a large gap in understanding the impact that the erosion of nature can have on humanity. Keeping in line with this, Avishkaar, one of India’s largest robotics, coding and edtech providers for children launched a challenge to plant a conversation to encourage innovation for the larger good. With the ultimate goal of bringing innovation to life, through this challenge, Avishkaar’s challenge titled #PlantAConversation is for young minds to build with #Tech4TheLargerGood in order to nurture a generation of innovators to thrive in the fifth industrial revolution.

With this challenge, Avishkaar encourages young innovators to converse with a plant through basics of coding using their latest Coder Starter Kit. The Coder’s Starter Kit is a beginner’s kit that is ideal to help kickstart a child’s journey in innovation with coding and hands-on skills, and building everyday, tangible objects that they can actually use. With the help of this kit, one can communicate with plants and know how much and how frequently they require water, sunlight etc. or when they are choking due to excessive pollution. In order to further spread the word, Avishkaar’s Founder and CEO, Tarun Bhalla is hosting a webinar on 23rd October where he will showcase the use cases of the kit and in turn encourage others to innovate with it and build #Tech4TheLargerGood.

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