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Last year, a study indicated that only 3 percent of engineers in the country have suitable skills to be employed in the software industry, and only 7 percent can handle core engineering work. As a ray of light in this otherwise grim scenario, the story of Nishtha Arya, who belongs to a non-science background and became a Frontend engineer proves that determination, hard work and skills can make anyone a software developer.

Growing up, Nishtha was not very interested in academics and at the age of 16, she built her own startup which sold custom-designed outfits. She also tried her hand at various internships in HR, Sales and Marketing while studying Humanities in Delhi University but unfortunately failed to identify her niche. She tried to learn online coding with the help of the resources that she had but understood that they were theoretical and in order to make a career in coding, she needed to learn things from an industry perspective.

At this juncture, Masai School’s career-focused approach to education was Nishtha’s calling to success. She considers entering the world of Masai School was one of her best decisions as the culture and discipline here was a big source of encouragement for her. Masai School follows a military-style 9–9–6 training model that is challenging and keeps the students engaged and motivated throughout the program. Additionally, The Income-Sharing Agreement (ISA) at Masai School enables students to enrol in the coding programs without having to pay any upfront fee.

Expressing her gratitude, Nishtha Arya said, “There was a time when I was unaware of what I wanted to pursue in my life. I had tried my hand at various sectors but to no avail. My decision to learn coding at Masai School was perhaps the best decision I took in terms of my career. Masai School’s military style training along with the immense help that I received from my mentors helped me bag my job as a Frontend Engineer at a New York based startup. I remember performing horribly and even crying in front of my mentors. While I was confident on the outside about my newly acquired knowledge, I was nervous on the inside. I feared that I would fail. But thanks to the incredible team at Masai who were constantly there to motivate me at every step and didn’t let me feel that I was alone in this. I am extremely thankful to Masai for instilling in me the confidence and the skills for my journey ahead.”

Prateek Shukla, CEO & Co-founder, Masai School said, “Learning a new skill requires personal commitment and determination. Companies today are giving equal or sometimes more weightage to aspirants having relevant job skills, versus an educational degree.  The need for constant skill building is prevalent in the industry. There are several courses available to help students do so, however, there exists a huge fee structure which many can’t afford. To solve this challenge, Masai School follows the Income-Sharing Agreement (ISA)-based education model. The ISA at Masai School enables students to enrol in the coding programs without having to pay any upfront tuition fee. Only after they find a job that pays them above Rs. 5 LPA, would Masai activate monthly ISA payments, capped at 15 percent of monthly income for a maximum of 36 months. We strongly believe that any aspiring software developer should be able to choose their careers over having to compromise upon them.”

At present, Masai School has graduated 500+ students across 14 batches, with a placement rate of over 92% and an average CTC of INR 7.5 LPA. The company has enabled student placements with more than 700 of its hiring partners which include the likes of top tech and product companies such as NoBroker, ShareChat, Paytm, Samsung, Airmeet, Meesho, among many others.

Currently, courses in Web Development & UI/UX Design are offered by Masai School, and Data Analytics, Product Management and more programs will be launched over the next few months. Masai School’s coding programs and the ISA model have helped many students achieve their IT dreams.

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