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Delhi Technological University (DTU) engineering student makes it to top4 national finalists of India Fact Quiz 2020 Championship. Aditya, the winner of the North zone final, is a student of B. Tech in Mathematics and Computational Engineering from Delhi Technological University (DTU). After a gripping regional final for the North zone of India Fact Quiz Championship 2020, Aditya Maurya from Delhi beat 3 other semi-finalists from Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand to qualify for the final leg of the national championship.

India Fact Quizwas launched in February 2020 as India’s first-ever digitally gamified quiz on data and facts on India. It was conceptualized with the objective of challenging and correcting the biases of India’s youth around data and facts on India, in sectors like health, education, gender, climate, welfare and population. The championship, targeting the age group between 17-25, is created as a launchpad to identify the brightest and most factful young minds of India. It was launched with an online quiz content with over 450,000 quizzers participating across India. From this, 16 semi-finalists were selected from the North, South, East and West zones, with a winner from each regional final making it to the final 4.

Aditya, the winner of the North zone final, is a student of B. Tech in Mathematics and Computational Engineering from Delhi Technological University (DTU) and has a keen passion towards animal welfare and an ambition to become a tech entrepreneur. In the regional round, she competed against the following 3 semi-finalists: Parth Choudhary, 17, completed 12th standard and preparing for competitive exams, from Kota, Rajasthan; Anuj Agrawal, 19, B. Tech, (Computer Science), Lovely Professional University, from Orai, Uttar Pradesh; and Pratik Mishra, 23, MBA, Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi; IIITDM Jabalpur, from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The final was hosted by journalist Govindraj Ethiraj, founder of DataBaaz, a data-driven video story platform. The contestants and Govindraj enjoyed traversing through various quizzing rounds such as true and false, multiple-choice questions and ranking in order. They were quizzed on their knowledge and biases on topics like gender pay gap, urban and rural infrastructure, health and disease control, climate change and renewable energy, government schemes and policies, and even Covid-19 related topics.

Excited to be representing the country’s capital state and the entire northern zone of India at the national finals of India Fact Quiz 2020 Championship, Aditya says, “I thoroughly enjoyed participating in India Fact Quiz because it exposed me to so many things about India that it surprised me after each question. One such revelation was a question on the percentage of women in India who are currently earning most in the family. Now, I was under the impression that most of the women in India are housewives and perhaps the ones who are working may have to sacrifice something or the other to work. This was such a refreshing revelation as now I know that our country has progressed a lot over the years, it’s just that we are not aware of it. I am excited to challenge a new set of biases just like this in the upcoming national final and wish my opponents all the best as well!”

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