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As the academic year 2021-22 is set to begin, Deeksha invites applications for its flagship scholarship program – VidyaDaan. The scholarship scheme is for promising children from economically disadvantaged families who have done outstandingly well in their middle years and high school. Deserving students can apply for the scholarship or can also be nominated for the scholarship by friends and family by applying at http://tiny.cc/VidyaDaan2021 or writing to [email protected] or calling 9513743925. A total of 100 scholarships will be available. The last date for applying is 10th of September 2021.

Under VidyaDaan, full academic scholarship is awarded to children enabling them to pursue pre-university science course along with the coaching for the competitive exams. Similarly, VidyaDaan scholarship for the commerce stream includes coaching for PU commerce studies coupled with Deeksha’s signature Focus 360 program.

Dr. Sridhar G., Founder, Deeksha

“We are committed to the cause of education, and the organisation places a premium on the twin principles of academic equity and timely support for children. The VidyaDaan scholarship program was introduced to ensure that children who show dedication towards their education get equitable opportunities, exposure to a holistic educational ecosystem, and the right guidance in their academic journeys,” said Dr. Sridhar G., Founder, Deeksha.

In these times when the pandemic has posed a daunting challenge in the academic quest of children, recognizing and incentivising commitment to studies has gained a renewed relevance. Deeksha remains steadfast in ensuring that children receive an education that empowers them and imbues them with confidence and a sense of purpose.

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