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The enriching 7 weeks journey of e-Yantra Virtual Museum Competition will be dropping its curtains on 25th June 2022, as one winning team will lift the coveted trophy.

Launched with the idea of making history compelling for young minds through the power of technology, the competition was a trailblazer in itself. The pilot edition witnessed students using graphical, analytical and research techniques to tell stories of ancient history through a Virtual Museum exhibit which they designed with e-Yantra, IIT Bombay.

While the pandemic forced us to stay indoors, the world of art charted its way into the lives of art lovers. In order to engage the audience, art institutions kicked up their inventiveness and came up with creative new approaches. Virtual art museum tours become popular, and they may forever change the way we view and discuss art and e-Yantra Virtual Museum Competition is a step in this direction.

Spanned across 7 weeks, the competition saw 242 registrations across 9 schools, with students enrolling from Bhutan too! What started with Family Genealogy in week 1 culminated into the students working on creating a 3D model of the historical artifact, designing an exhibition, creating posters, writing a research document & developing a compelling narration in the final week.

With the jury shortlisting 17 artifacts for the Grand Finale, the event will showcase path breaking technologies such as Photogrammetry, Canva, Blender, etc. to render real objects in a virtual 3D space for an online DIY museum.

To build an engaging conversation around this arena, the Grand Finale will also be hosting a Keynote and talk on “History, Technology and The Art of Story-telling” by distinguished speakers.

Whilst the pandemic is majorly out of our lives, the digital future of art is here to stay! It showed society that virtual museums have the power to be relevant, socially engaged institutions and what better way than the country’s future to spearhead the movement.

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