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When the education scenario has turned digital globally and remote learning is the new the norm in students, leading competitive exams CREST Olympiads has made it possible for the school students to be a part of the prestigious Olympiad exams from the comfort of their homes during the unprecedented times of coronavirus pandemic. Through this online platform, the students also have the liberty of choosing the date and time for appearing in the exam according to their convenience.

The CREST Olympiads, considered to be the foundations of exams like JEE, NEET, among others, has been conducting online Olympiads for quite some time in various subjects even for those students who may not have an option from the school for the same. It conducts exams in Mathematics, Science, English, Logical Reasoning, Cyber, and Spell Bee for students of classes 1 to 10. There is something for little kids from Prep/KG as well. They can appear for Math, Science and English Olympiads.

“Over the past few decades we have seen Olympiad examinations being conducted in schools by various organizations but these Olympiads missed quite a few important points. What if the student’s school is not participating? Can a student appear in an exam individually? Or a student wants to reschedule the exam? Does the student get practice before the final exam? Can the student see the answer key? Can the student challenge the answer key? Does the exam have an anti-cheating mechanism? So, these questions are quite pertinent for the flexibility of the students and the transparency of the exam. In CREST Olympiads, we had solutions ahead of time and have an advantageous position during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Mr. Nitin Godawat, Director, CREST Olympiads.

Students from more than 4000 schools in over 25 countries participate in the Olympiads conducting by them. CREST Olympiads has helped students to maintain continuity even in the pandemic. The principal of schools, teachers, students who got helped through us shares the testimonials with us through different mediums. As they predominantly conduct Winter Olympiads, the Level 1 exams generally take place between November and January. The platform enables the students to view the answer keys and, more importantly, allows challenging them. This way, the students can rectify themselves and can evaluate where they went wrong.

Reasoning has never been able to set a strong foot in our schools. Reasoning skills allow the students to think critically. Creativity is dying a slow death as more emphasis is on rote learning rather than critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Hence, the introduction of CREST Reasoning Olympiad (CRO), for students of grade 1-10, the subject which is most neglected in schools but is very useful for every student’s career has been a turning point for them.

Mr. Stanley Anthony, Principal, St. Xavier’s High School, Gurgaon, said, “The CREST Olympiads added new dimensions to the perceptions of educators for young students with their additions of CREST Reasoning Olympiad and CREST Spell Bee. The Spell Bee offered a graded and rigorous program which our students attempted and succeeded. The final exams are preceded by two Practice Tests as well, and the learners are supported with study material.”

The exam date for Level 1 CREST International Spell Bee (CSBW) – Winter Round for the Academic Year 2020-21 is 15thDec 2020/9thJan 2021. The cost of each subject per person is Rs. 225 for students residing and studying in India, while USD 10 for students living and studying outside India.

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