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Earlier if a startup had to build a website, they had to learn coding languages like HTML, JavaScript or CSS. In case they desired an Android or iOS app, they had to either learn or spend in someone well versed with Java or Swift. And if it at all there is a need to integrate artificial intelligence, then there’s skipping Python. However, the advent of no-code platforms has altered the scenario, for now the startups can build their own apps, chatbots, websites etc following simple DIY steps. A few of these no-code platforms also provide courses aimed at aiding the skills of entrepreneurs or support team members. We have compiled a list of some of such no-code platforms that offer suitable courses for startups.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie offers course specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into reality. As part of the course, the enrolled candidates are equipped to create apps for different verticals like restaurant, small business, enterprise, educational institution, retail stores etc, while adding basic and premium features to the app. They also get to learn as to how they can publish their app on Google Play Store and Apple Store, in addition to skills for promoting and monetizing mobile apps. There are a total of 55 lessons spread over a total time span of just 3.46 hours. An interesting certification quiz is a highlight of the course, which is the prerequisite for the final certification.


Nocodify, one of the leading names in the no-code segment, offers more than 110 courses covering a wide array of domains, such as chat messaging, application security, data privacy and video chat etc in detail. The platform focuses on Bubble.io and hence has a Playlist course for Bubble beginners which provides a complete overview and fundamental aspects that are key to building a solid app. The platform also teaches to build clean customized URLs from an app. Besides, the courses offered by the platform cover crucial areas such as database, design, workflows and payments.


Udemy offers a complete no-code developer course to build a total of 23 different products, such as bots, voice app, data science app, website, AI model and 3D games, among others. The course module talks about how to scrape data from websites, build automations, analyze big data, monetize skills and work with APIs. The course has been divided into 17 sections, comprising a total of 124 lectures spread over 9.31 hours. The course focuses on imparting practical skills while working through projects. With the help of Udemy’s course, one can build a portfolio of products and may be launch a startup with a technical co-founder.

LinkedIn Learning

Professional networking site LinkedIn offers a concise ‘Planning Your No-Code Website’ course spread over just one and a half hours. The course encompasses selection of platform, web strategy, fonts, images, colours. The course also helps the enrolled candidates understand as to which platform – from amongst the likes of WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix etc – is most suitable as per their requirements. It starts with a site plan and then follows up on other elements like design, colour, fonts, navigation tabs etc.

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