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Civils daily, a student-centric platform for UPSC preparation, has announced that they will be hiring 200 new mentors for their 10,000 students. The company has been consistent in its effort to transform the entire preparation cycle of students by offering them a conducive ecosystem and distinguished content, leveraging bleeding-edge technologies.

The online platform is known for its education services and products for IAS applicants like the IAS foundation course, Samachar Manthan, IAS mains test series, IAS prelims test series, and monthly current affairs magazines. Presented in a user-friendly manner, the website and its interactive environment bode well for the students. Aspirants can check their daily progress, preferred mentors, and saved topics for a customized experience.

Speaking about the development, Sajal Singh, Founder, Civilsdaily said, “At Civilsdaily, we believe that quality mentorship is essential for preparation. Competitive exams like the UPSC are challenging to crack. Thus, we want to provide our students with the best mentors out there. Our current hiring process involves our vision of one-on-one guidance, quality lectures, and study materials. Providing all this at an affordable price remains our motive so that everyone who dreams of joining the civil services can look up to Civilsdaily for guidance.”

Adhering to their distinctive features as a preparation platform for UPSC, Civilsdaily caters to all aspirants through various exam levels. With one-on-one mentoring sessions through open communication portals like Telegram, phone calls and emails, the website has become one of the most sought-after sites for preparation. Recent trends and the dynamic patterns in the UPSC exam is accurately traced by Civilsdaily, making the study materials and lectures up-to-date and superior in quality. The platform also provides affordable educational services for aspirants looking to subscribe and has free resources for everyone’s access.

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