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Civilsdaily, one of India’s leading student-centric platforms for UPSC preparation, is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with 50 colleges to scout for talented students. The goal of this MoU is to provide aspirants with an early opportunity to prepare for the UPSC and other government examinations.The association will provide a diverse range of benefits, including knowledge dissemination through general studies and the sharing of technological resources by training them in cutting edge technologies like Python, R Programming etc., that will help aspiring students achieve their dreams.

Students who are selected through this venture will be rewarded with a highly subsidized course fee. Aligning with the government’s goal under New Education Policy, Civilsdaily’s aim would be to help students build a solid foundation over the course of their graduation. They will also provide test mentoring services for UPSC and affiliated examinations at a significant cost savings plan compared to the cost of a traditional course. Colleges like ABES College of Engineering, Ghaziabad; City Group of Colleges, Lucknow; and ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida, among others, have signed the MoU and are part of this pioneering initiative.

Students will be assisted in completing the NCERT syllabus through lectures as part of the inventive efforts. For static subjects, advanced video lectures will be provided. Weekly current affairs classes would also be held to help students brush up on exam fundamentals and stay up to date with current events. Along with the preparation of the Prelims and Mains test series, Civilsdaily will also be taking the novel approach of interactive peer-to-peer sessions as a part of community interaction

Mr. Sajal Singh, Co-Founder of Civilsdaily said, “We want to inculcate a deep interest in the happenings of our nation in our students. This will help them develop genuine interest and move away from rote learning. Students would be able to improve their chances of employability and become competitive while in college, for a post college life.”

The hallmark of the Civilsdaily methodology is to recognize and value mentorship as the core. This principle will be at the forefront of this pursuit with the guidance of select Civilsdaily veteran mentors through regular calls and guest lectures by serving IAS/IPS officers. The yearly and monthly samachar manthan news stories, a well-researched and curated digital docket of news stories customized to fit the UPSC syllabus, will be provided to students for comprehensive preparation.

A far-reaching ambition of this partnership is to provide Civilsdaily’s expertise in the industry as a pathfinder for proficient prodigies in college. This association will become a stage for overarching opportunities where early preparation for UPSC along with personality and skill development would be the prudent intention.

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