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Psychometric Interest Assessment Test by CareerGuide.com helps a youngster find out what’s that one profession that’ll keep him fulfilled. The test helps on how a youngster should arrive at knowing where his vocational skill and career calling lie. Designed by career counselling portal, CareerGuide.Com, this Psychometric Interest Assessment Test has been integrated in Gujarat Skill Development Mission by the Government of Gujarat as part of its programme for the Gujarati youth to make an informed skilling and career decision.

“We have deployed this test for millions of students over the years. The result is obtained based on the answers students give in the test. This in turn will help the Gujarat government appropriately skill-train its youth for employment opportunities,” Says Surabhi Dewra, founder of CareerGuide.

Skill India Mission is an initiative launched by the Government of India to train over 40 crore school/college dropouts and unemployed Indians for employment opportunities. With each state operating its skill development program, the vision of this initiative is to create an employed force by 2022.

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