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In yet another noble gesture, the Canadian International School (CIS) has come forward to support its student, Janani Kannan to pursue her college education abroad through crowdfunding under its CIS Wings initiative. Janani who hails from Bangalore had earlier secured a scholarship from CIS to pursue her high school education at the school. She is currently studying computer science at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. The support to Janani comes as part of the School’s vision to help CIS students who do not have the financial means to pursue a college education.

Speaking about her dreams, Janani Kannan said: “Coming from a middle-class family and receiving an international education was almost impossible for me. However, my parents desire for me to have the best education and Canadian International School’s support through scholarship helped me a great deal. CIS has provided me with endless opportunities and i will always remain grateful to the school for giving me this life changing experience. In the future, I want to work in the field of computer science with specific interest in guided machine learning, blockchain and cyber security. I aspire to go far ahead in life and make everyone proud.”

Ms. Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School, Bangalore, said: “The aim of CIS Wings is to support the study, living and travel expenses of deserving students who may receive only partial scholarships for their college programs. While we support their dream of getting quality high school education through our scholarships, we also believe that we need to do our best to help them achieve their college dreams. CIS is an inclusive school that welcomes prospective students coming from different backgrounds and regions. Offering scholarships to the next generation to pursue their dreams is what we need to create an equal world. We hope to bridge the financial gap for these students so that they can pursue college education at the university of their choice.”

In a bid to ensure that academically gifted students receive a superior quality education and are able to fulfill their academic aspirations, the Canadian International School, Bangalore (CIS) has been awarding scholarships to as many as 10 students each year in grade 9 and 11 to help them achieve superior quality education. To further its mission to ensure that these scholarship students have an equally rewarding college experience, the CIS Community have also undertaken a crowd sourcing initiative named ‘CIS Wings’ to provide continued financial support to these brilliant minds till the time they complete their university.

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