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The Young Leadership Program of Ahmedabad-based Cadila Pharmaceuticals, one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the country, has come a long way in just four years of its launch. The objective of the program was to provide leaders for the future, and it has proved to be extremely successful so far.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals initiated the Young Leadership Programme in 2016. These fresh recruits were placed in various roles of the organization and have received access to different facets of the pharmaceutical industry with the goal of cultivating them as potential leaders. The system has motivated many of the new recruits to discover the wind under their wings and do amazing things. More than 150 young leaders have been part of the program.

Monika Raghuwanshi

Monika Raghuwanshi, one of the professionals of the recently hired CYLP batch of 2019 says, “As soon as I joined Cadila Pharmaceuticals as a management trainee, I was immediately assigned a very interesting project. I was part of the Operational Excellence team where we were responsible for tracking the overall equipment efficiency (OEE). We did the exercise of improving the efficiency of machines in both Dholka and Jammu plant. Additionally, I was also a part of the Quality Circle, based on Kaizen concept, where we focused on business excellence and would incorporate ideas from all functions to improve efficiency, compliance, quality and reduce costs. The best part of this opportunity was handling the Quality Circle for Jammu plant independently providing me with tons of experience and helping me grow as a professional.”

“I am grateful to Cadila for providing me with opportunities that a management trainee couldn’t possibly get in their first year. Even though it was quite challenging, the growth has been manifolds,” adds Monika.

Ginto Devassykutty

Ginto Devassykutty, of the 2016 batch of the Young Leadership Program, is another success story. He is getting ready to lead an international project.

Ginto, who also holds an M. Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Guwahati, was a part of the engineering department at Cadila’s Dholka plant. Later, he got a chance to work with Cadila’s Chairman Dr Rajiv Modi on automation of parenteral inspection, labelling and packing area for achieving better GMP and less manpower intervention.

“The learning during this period was unmatched. After six months of training, I started in the Herbal production department and was later shifted to other manufacturing facilities. I was also a part of a quality circle team where we initiated energy saving and process improvement projects. Currently, I am part of the design team for the construction of a manufacturing unit outside India,” says Ginto.

“Imagine a young professional with four years of work experience, leading an international project. I have been privileged to be a part of such an opportunity, thanks to Cadila’s Young Leadership Program,” he says further.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals_Apprenticeship Program

The pharma major has also been actively contributing towards the government’s SKILL INDIA MISSION through its unique apprenticeship program. To encourage apprenticeship training, Cadila Pharma has employed nearly 200 youth across its plants. All the apprentices are enlisted under the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) and are paid the prescribed stipend amount.

Additionally, Cadila has recently expanded the Young Leadership Program to the sales force. The sales function is in itself a very challenging field requiring the employees to stay up to date with the medical knowledge and have the charisma to interact with consumers. In Cadila Sales Excellence Program (CSEP), we help the student’s fresh out of Pharmacy College to get the right kind of training to perform excellently on the field and later assume the roles of leaders in the organization. With their background and energy, these set of 40 professionals are on their way to success.



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