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BSE Institute Ltd. along with BSE IPF announced a new certification program in the stock market for young investors. The announcement was made on the occasion of World Investor Awareness week being held between November 21 to November 28.

While addressing the event, the Managing Director & CEO of BSE Institute Ltd said, “We are delighted to be a part of the World Investor Awareness week celebrations along with BSE IPF. The course is targeted towards young investors and uses a unique learning methodology to hold attention and explain basic concepts of stock markets using videos and animation. I encourage all youngsters, school students, early investors to participate and do this course to become financially literate about the stock markets.”

The course aims to educate young investors with basic concepts of stock markets using audio-visual mediums like videos and animation. It will guide youngsters towards a bright financial future and will enlighten the participants with the working of the stock market. The course is offered as a self-paced online course which uses a unique story and video-based pedagogy.

This course is significant as it helps young investors to broaden their horizons in the field of the stock markets. The course will help investors overcome the tricky parts of finding the right information since there is an abundance of information available on the internet which may confuse the investors. With this new certification program, young investors will have a one-stop learning solution to the stock markets. This course aims to bust the myths related to the stock markets and educate the new generation of investors, who are enthusiastic about investing in the stock market.

During this Investor Awareness Week, BSE and BSE Institute conduct an array of educational activities, which includes the launch of a market simulation package — a simulation module created especially for teaching students/ investors. There would be events like quizzes, panel discussions and many more.

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