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The British Council Library has remained the go-to place for booklovers, students, and professionals in Bangalore for decades. In a digital-first world, British Council Library members continue to access a wide range of educational and entertainment content on their smart devices and computer screens. In line with the increase in ‘on-demand’ content and a shift in content consumption patterns, the British Council has strengthened its Digital Library offering for users across Bangalore, and India, enabling easy access to the best of UK and global content.

The mobile app version of the digital library offers a seamless, interactive, and personalised customer journey that pulls together all content in one place and allows members to build their library collection.

The British Council Digital Library membership has become the single gateway to informative and leisure content for the entire family. It offers easy access to over 10,000 newspapers and magazines from more than 100 countries, over 10,000 academic journals through JSTOR and EBSCO – world’s leading resources for academics and students, and 15,000+ full-text scholarly journals, dissertations, working papers, and market reports through ProQuest Central. The digital library also offers video tutorials and training courses on a wide array of software applications and professional development topics, as well as videos and content to improve one’s English.

The library also doubles up as an entertainment hub bringing over 2,500 graphic novels, comics and manga; movies, full-length musical concerts, award-winning comedies, documentaries, and TV shows to members’ fingertips.

In Bangalore, the Digital Library membership and usage have seen significant growth in the past 12 months. Average monthly enrolments have increased by 257 per cent in the period; and content formats such as audiobooks, online newspapers, magazines, and journals have seen significant rise in popularity as per the subscription trends.

Shruti Mallya, 32, resident of Bangalore and a British Council Digital Library member, said, “I’ve been really pleased with the online resources from the British Council Library; the JSTOR access has really helped me in my work, and the Digital Theatre has been wonderful as well, with a great selection. The eBook selection is just as good. The membership has definitely been worth it for me!”

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