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BridgeLabz, an AWS-recognised incubator focused on solving tech employability, has groomed and placed more than 1500 engineers for development jobs since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. The incubator witnessed about 80% enrolments from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Another emerging trend is the increase in the number of women participating, as 40% of the engineers enrolling are women.

With its upskilling programs, BridgeLabz aims to achieve the target to double its number and groom more than 3000 engineers in 2022. As many people lost jobs during the pandemic, 15% of the total engineers in the program were those who could not join the companies after the pandemic outbreak.

Talking about the growth, Narayan Mahadevan, Founder, BridgeLabz said, “Our mission is to simplify and create a perfect match for job seekers and employers in high-tech jobs using our proprietary AI-Driven approach to custom-skill as per job seekers’ capability and employer mandates. Our approach of skilling to job has yielded tremendous success in achieving 100% placement and close to 5x growth in the number of enrolments. We see lot of opportunities for job seekers as industry have a tremendous challenge in recruiting engineers with right skill set. Engineering graduates need the right direction and skills to bag these jobs. Our programs provide both direction and jobs.”

To encourage more graduates to join the program, BridgeLabz recently introduced scholarships worth Rs 50 Lakh. In the series of initiatives, the company launched BridgeLabz Tech Employability Quotient (BTEQ), a score that determines the likelihood of getting a job for tech graduates based on their skills. Engineering graduates from any part of the country can take the test and understand their problem areas. With its efforts, BridgeLabz has been working to ensure engineering graduates get the tech development jobs and the industry receives skilled talent.

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