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The world’s largest online learning platform, Brainly, has come up with its latest survey that aims to sense the pulse of Indian students. The survey was conducted with a sample size of 3,105 participants and gives in-depth insights into various student-facing aspects.

As 2021 has just begun, many students reflected on how the last year went for them while also giving their views around policy measures and other relevant topics. Interestingly, despite the massive overhaul in education, only 19.8% of respondents claimed that 2020 had negatively impacted their academic performance. 12.3% held the opinion that it did not affect their performance while 23.5% said that it has had a mixed impact on their studies. However, a staggering 44.4% of Brainly students believed that 2020 has positively affected their academic performance.

The reason behind this could be the alternative approaches adopted by the students. 26.7% of Brainly students turned towards online learning platforms to ‘efficiently manage their studies’. 25.3% also took home tuitions along with online classes while 19.8% students even purchased ‘dedicated devices for academic reasons’ (such as laptops, smartphones, tabs, etc.). 28.7% also took help from their parents in 2020. A high level of awareness was also seen among students in the study. 55.9% of them believed that New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 will positively change the Indian education system. 30.9% respondents did not want to comment before it gets implemented while 13.2% also believed that the policy won’t serve the purpose.

Rajesh Bysani, CPO at Brainly said, “2021 seems to be the year of optimism with several encouraging developments taking place all around. This optimism also reflects amongst our student community. As the survey indicates, they are hopeful about the majority of core academic changes and look forward to the year that has just begun.”

In a positive change, 57% of Brainly students claimed that they exercise or meditate regularly. 43% of them would also like to resume academics by going back to school. On the other hand, 26.1% students were interested in a ‘flexible and hybrid learning model’. 14.5% of survey respondents even wanted to continue learning online.

Exams turned out to be one of the major pain points for students last year as 45.7% students found online exams more challenging. Only 30.5% of students claimed that it was similar to the regular examinations. 23.8% also believed it was hard to say.

Brainly is the world’s largest online learning platform. The platform has more than 350 million students and experts (including teachers and parents) who drive community-based learning. A total of 55 million+ of the platform’s users hail from India with large communities also spread across the U.S., Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, and Poland amongst others.

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