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Brainly, world’s largest online learning community for students, parents, and teachers, has witnessed a tremendous growth by emerging as one of the most trusted online learning resources in India, registering a Y-o-Y growth of 100% and a count of 20 million monthly users (as compared to 10 million announced in November of 2018). From students to parents, experts, and teachers, Brainly has a diverse user base that leverages and facilitates online learning, thereby strengthening students’ grip on academic subjects while enabling holistic learning.

Commenting on Brainly’s success in India, Michał Borkowski, Co-founder and CEO, Brainly remarked, “In spite of an abundance of information on the internet, most students and their parents struggle with its disoriented nature which leaves them confused regarding the right source to rely on. These issues have led to the phenomenal growth in the user-base of Brainly, as it bridges the gap between instructions and the final understanding. At Brainly, we are extremely happy to serve the role of a useful resource to over 150 million+ students, teachers and parents across the globe amongst which a significant share of 20 million users are from India. We aim to continue expanding in the country, addressing these pressing concerns of Indian students efficiently.”

With a monthly user-base of 20 million+ and growing, Brainly has emerged as one of the best and most trusted digital facilitators of alternate K-12 education in India. The platform has also taken a step ahead in diversifying into regional languages, thereby ensuring that its content is not just easily accessible for its Indian user base, but they also get to avail the same in their preferred language.

In the Indian education landscape, it has been observed how both classroom lessons and homework assignments play primary roles in enabling easier and better understanding and retention of the subject matter. However, students now strive to go beyond simply seeking solutions for their homework, with an objective to attain a deeper understanding of the concept or the subject. This has led to a paradigm shift in the learning processes, with students from across the country realizing the need for additional support.

To put this observation into perspective, a recent survey conducted by Brainly on its Indian user base revealed how apart from performing well in their exams, over 25.7% of the student participants hoped to learn about new concepts and subjects in 2020, whereas over 19.8% of them look forward to finishing their assignments on time. This, precisely, is where collaborative digital learning platforms like Brainly step in, addressing students’ academic questions while facilitating deeper, more comprehensive learning.


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